This is the most common cause of Chen Bo

For male In fact, it is a common phenomenon that Chenbo appears when you wake up in the morning. Although it is sometimes embarrassing, it is a bit difficult to use the toilet, but it is the best symbol for starting a good day. Now, scientists have revealed a surprising reason why men have opened eye Chan Bo phenomenon will appear. Sergio Diez Alvarez, medical director of Newcastle University in Australia, said that this "morning glory" is not only a very interesting physiological phenomenon, but also can show many of the functions of a person. The clues. Chen Bo affects all men, including uterus middle fetus Or children.

What is the reason why Chen Bo disappears? Why does Chen Bo disappear? What are the causes of Chen Bo?

Why do men appear Chen Bo?

The Chen Bo It is subject to nerve The emergence of complex effects of the system and endocrine system, mainly on the penis blood vessels. When sexual desire is stimulated, information is generated in the brain and chemical information is sent to the nerves responsible for controlling the blood vessels of the penis, causing the blood to flow into the penis. The blood is trapped in the muscles of the penis, which leads to enlargement of the penis and erection. There are many hormones that can affect brain reactions, such as testosterone.

Even without the involvement of the brain, the same mechanisms can occur, such as the uncontrolled reflex in the spinal cord. This can explain why some people with spinal cord injuries still can erect, and why there is no sexual desire when they are erect.

When a man is asleep, he will also get an erection?

Chambo usually occurs in REM sleep, which indicates that we are doing dream . When the specific area of ​​the brain is activated, this phenomenon of Bohemian appears. This includes the brain responsible for stimulating parasympathetic nerves (rest and digestive nerves), suppressing sympathetic nerves (flying and fighting nerves), and buffers (sex hormones) that produce serotonin.

What is the reason why Chen Bo disappears? Why does Chen Bo disappear? What are the causes of Chen Bo?

Sleep consists of several rapid eye movements and non-rapid eye movement cycles. In REM sleep, the dominant system changes and we change from sympathetic stimulation to parasympathetic stimulation. During the rest of the sleep cycle, this situation has not been found. This shift in balance drives the parasympathetic nerves and will promote erection in men. This phenomenon is spontaneous and does not require people to wake from sleep.

At the same time, some men may have Chen Bo phenomenon during non-REM sleep, especially in older men, and it is not clear why. However, it may be related to our waking up during the period of rapid eye movement sleep. Testosterone is at its highest level in the morning and it has been shown to increase Chrysanthemum frequency. Interestingly, testosterone has little effect on visual stimulation or fantasy-induced erection, and these are mainly driven by the "reward system" that secretes dopamine in the brain.

Since it is composed of several sleep cycles every night, men can usually have up to 5 erections for a total of 20 to 30 minutes. But it depends on the quality of sleep, so it is not every day. The quantity and quality of Chen Bo gradually decrease with age, but even after the “retirement age”, Chen Bo often appears, which indicates that Seniors Sexuality health .

The reason why Chen Bo disappeared

1, sleep factors

The Why is there no Chen Bo ? Whether men have the key to Chen Bo is also how they sleep. Men in modern society are under increasing pressure. In this fiercely competitive era, many men suffer from lack of sleep due to stress, so it is easy to influence their own morning bots. Because the quality of sleep determines the secretion of hormones, it will have a certain impact on Chen Bo.

2. Influence of age factors

As men age, the time and power of Chen Bo will also be reduced. In other words, as men's sexual maturity matures, the frequency with which men appear to have morning bocks will increase, and as the age increases, the number of morning bots will gradually decrease. At this time, because of the increase in age, the body functions gradually weakened.

What is the reason why Chen Bo disappears? Why does Chen Bo disappear? What are the causes of Chen Bo?

3, disease factor

Men do not have Chen Bo actually should pay more attention to see if they have some diseases. For men, there are many times when Chen Bo is not caused by the disease. For example, is it suffering from tuberculosis or sexually transmitted diseases? diabetes And so on, these are all things that will lead men to not have a chron. Must understand clearly before you can prescribe the right medicine.

4, bad life factors

Bad living habits also affect men's morning Bo. Such as smoking and drinking or regular living day and night caused by irregular life. These will affect the man Chen Bo.

5. Cardiovascular factors

The man does not have Chen Bo to pay close attention to whether he has a cardiovascular problem. For some blood viscosity is too high, there will be less frequent men Bobo. (Reference site: Netease)

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