Reveal: why men are prone to body odor

The Body odor Also called stench, it is a kind of skin that appears on some young people. disease . There is an unpleasant special odor in the patient's sweat in the patient. Let's follow Xiaobian together to understand it.

What is the cause of body odor? Why is there a body odor? What are the causes of body odor?

What are the causes of body odor?

There are many bacteria in the armpits, etc. They break down the organic matter in the sweat secreted by the apocrine gland into unsaturated fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acids have an odor and the sweat secreted by the apocrine sweat glands gives off an unpleasant odor. Due to hairiness in the armpits, a lot of sweat glands, excessive sweating, and lack of ventilation, it is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and the odor in the armpits is obvious. male The proportion is relatively large.

Underarm odor is highly hereditary. Studies have shown that most people with underarm odor have a family history of inheritance. Some of the immediate family members have rancid odor and have a high chance of inheriting it to the next generation. If parents have stench, the chance of inheriting to their children is 80%. But the hereditary odor is completely treatment After it will not be passed on to the next generation.

Bad smell is the unsaturated fatty acids excreted by the apocrine glands skin The odor produced by the action of the surface bacteria, and the bad habits of life can lead to the production of stench. Irregular diet, high protein substances and irritation food Excessive intake, excessive intake of high-protein substances will increase the odor of bacteria.

In addition, when people's emotions appear to be agitated, tense, and anxious, they will break the body's endocrine balance and lead to excessive active excretion of the sweat glands, which will lead to rancid odor. The

What is the cause of body odor? Why is there a body odor? What are the causes of body odor?

What are the ways to get rid of body odor?

1, pay attention to clean, regular showers, changing clothes. Keep the skin dry and keep the armpits, breast Other parts of the clean. Wash it with soapy water several times a day and even shave the armpits to keep the bacteria from hiding.

2, diet should pay attention, avoid eating "flavored" food . Concentrated or irritating foods such as onions, garlic, and spicy foods contain sulphur chemicals that can interfere with bacterial growth. However, when they are absorbed by the body, odors are excreted with sweat glands, so it is better to eat less.

3, use some small folk Remedies Can play a role in the treatment. For example: 20 grams of dried leaves and dried leaves, 20 grams of alum (for the end), 200 grams of salt, the contents will be put together after the release of the pot heating, remove, with a cloth wrapped under the armpit can be, do not burn the skin For degree. No odor after 5 minutes, this side can be used once for more than 1 month.

4, some people think that wearing long-sleeved clothes can cover up the smell, in fact, will only make the smell more intense. Because long-sleeved clothes, especially sweaters, will increase sweating, accelerate the decomposition of sweat bacteria, and the smell can not be dispersed, more and more smelly. So on hot days, wear cool, loose, and thin clothes.

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