What does it mean for a man to have flatulence? Try these 3 foods

What should I do if I have flatulence? Many people are not very understanding of this issue, can only endure the discomfort caused by flatulence, and slowly wait for the body to naturally adjust to disperse, this process is not only very long uncomfortable. Is there any good way to solve it? The following Xiaobian introduced several simple and practical ways to help everyone solve their problems.

What to do with flatulence What does flatulence eat? How do flatulence prevent?

Flatulence What to eat it is good

1, the amount of high fiber intake food

Although high-fiber foods are beneficial health However, some high-fiber vegetables and fruits may increase exhaust. If you want to increase the amount of fiber in your diet to maintain your health, start with a small amount and gradually adapt the intestines to reduce flatulence.

2, vinegar

Add a glass of water with a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar and sipping it during dinner to help digestion. You can also get a glass of lemonade when you get up in the morning. It also has treatment And the role of blood purification.

3, chewing rice soup

Rice soup and barley porridge are effective for flatulence, exhaust, and heartburn. Add 5 parts of water to a portion of rice (millet or barley) and boil for 10 minutes. Cover and cook for 50 minutes. Filter, cool, drink several times a day.

What to do with flatulence What does flatulence eat? How do flatulence prevent?

how to eat prevention Flatulence

1, eat food The time should be chewing slowly, preventing air from entering the stomach and causing flatulence. Because everyone swallows some air while eating, the nervous person swallows a lot of air. However, when people are calm or relaxed, they may swallow too much air, causing large amounts of air to enter the stomach and causing discomfort and flatulence;

2. Insulin malabsorption can be caused by low intake of candy, chewing gum, cigarettes, beverages, carbonated drinks, or baking soda, which can make the gas content in the intestines too high.

3, eat less easily cause stomach flatulence foods, such as cabbage, cauliflower, baked beans, peas, Brussels sprouts, peaches, apples, fruits and onions and other foods, processed by the normal bacteria in the intestines easily fermented to produce a lot Gas causes flatulence.

4. It may also be caused by heredity. Immediately eliminate the factors that may cause flatulence in the stomach. Afterwards, eat less or not. For example, one out of every three people has bacteria in the body that ferments every kind of food, and it produces a lot of smelly smells. This characteristic has family heredity, baby The period will appear.

5, eat too much food, the diet suddenly increased a lot of insoluble fiber such as wheat bran, increasing the intestinal absorption of wheat bran, so that the intestines will react poorly and form a lot of gas.

What to do with flatulence What does flatulence eat? How do flatulence prevent?

Preventing flatulence in tea products

1, orange peel tea

4 grams of orange peel, 4 slices of ginger, 8 dates (skin peeling), a pack of green tea, water amount. Put all the ingredients into the pot, cook for 5 minutes on medium heat, and filter out the soup. The orange peel in the orange peel promotes the secretion of bile and helps the digestion of the oil; the volatile oil can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion, and reduce the chance of fermentation. Ginger ginger can promote the secretion of gastric juice and promote intestinal peristalsis.

2. Malt tea

Malt 10 grams, a pack of green tea, water amount. Put all the ingredients in the pot, cook for 5 minutes on medium heat, filter out the soup and drink. Malt can also promote the secretion of gastric acid and stomach protein, promote food digestion safety, no longer produce gas; tea contains coffee Because it can promote gastric secretion. However, people with peptic ulcers should not drink too much. (Reference site: Ziyi Mall)

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