What is the most dangerous scrotum wet?

Many in life male There will be scrotum wet conditions, often male friends become very sad, but also very worried. So what are the hazards of male scrotum wet?

What is the harm to the scrotum wet What are the symptoms of the scrotum wet How to prevent the scrotum wet

Male scrotum wet hazard

1, reduce male sperm production ability

As the scrotum is in a hot and humid environment, the local temperature rises, so that the testicular spermatogenesis and sperm Maturation is affected, resulting in reduced sperm counts and decreased sperm motility, and even excessive sperm abnormalities.

2, affect the next generation of reproductive sterility

If the scrotum does not cure, it will lead to testicular sclerosis and atrophy. It is easy to spread the bacteria to the spouse, causing neonatal malformation and even infertility of the spouse.

3, severely affect the testicles health

Testis in the scrotum under normal circumstances, the testicular temperature is lower than the body temperature of 2-3 degrees. Due to the scrotal wet testicular heat can not be distributed, affecting the sperm of the testis semen With the production of male hormones, the quality of sexual life will decline. In addition, excessive testicular heat will cause testicular Pain , And then it will cause orchitis, testicular swelling.

What is the harm to the scrotum wet What are the symptoms of the scrotum wet How to prevent the scrotum wet

How is the scrotum wet? prevention

First: Do not stay in a high-temperature environment for a long time, refuse to place the notebook on the knee for a long time, and prohibit taboo riding or driving or sedentary habits.

Second: Wear underwear and jeans that are made of chemical fiber materials, wear more cotton products, and pay attention to hygiene. After the men go home, they should immediately dry and cool locally, and the scrotum should not be wet. disease Stay away from nature.

Third: Do not sleep on your back because it can make the scrotum oppressed. If conditions permit, you can sleep naked.

Fourth: If unfortunately suffering from scrotum wet, in the receiving treatment Must avoid scratching and scalding, especially taboo use soapy water.

Fifth: eat spicy pungent food , Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, maintain a balanced diet, to a large extent play a positive role in combating scrotum moisture.

What is the harm to the scrotum wet What are the symptoms of the scrotum wet How to prevent the scrotum wet

Scrotum wet symptom

1, subacute symptoms

Severe itching for the scrotum, do not think about diet, loose stools, yellow urine, and sometimes mild erosion of the blisters.

2, acute attack symptoms

Mostly the scrotum has moist red skin, itching, pimples, itching is much more, it can reveal a smooth red skin.

3, chronic attack symptoms

When the scrotum is wet and itchy, there is tension, mental stress, drinking, eating spicy food when itching intensifies, scrotal skin feels harder, the skin surface color is dark red or purple brown, this disease is one of the skin diseases, but also male disease A person with a fat body and local hyperhidrosis is prone to this disease, and the majority of middle-aged men are male. (Reference site: China Health Network)

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