Discovering impotence 5 ways to treat

Sometimes we understand when people talk. Yangshuo What's going on, then we know what will happen when impotence occurs symptom Does it happen and what causes it easily male What happens to impotence, how should we be when impotence occurs? treatment ? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Yangshuo how to do Yangshuo how to treat Yangshuo what to eat

What to do with impotence?

Massage waist eye

When men develop impotence, they should not be discouraged. They must learn to treat them in life. One of the most common symptoms of impotence is backache. Low back pain One method is very useful - rubbing the waist and eye. Chinese medicine believes that using the palms and soles on the waist can not only clear the veins and strong lumbar spine, but also play a role in the eyesight, solid essence, kidney and longevity. Middle-aged people often blink in the waist, to the elderly can keep the back straight, but also prevent back pain caused by cold. Massage the waist can play a better prevention and treatment of chronic lumbar muscle strain, acute lumbar sprain, for disc herniation, ischial bone nerve Pain and other diseases also have a certain effect. Waist-eye position: The waist-eye-hole is a point in the external cavity, at the waist, and under the 4th lumbar spinous process.

The Don't talk when peeing

Sometimes men like to talk when they go to the toilet. In fact, this is not true. Then someone must ask why. This is because the bottom side is leaking and it is leaking. It is over. Do not call cell phones, but also have teeth. Why teeth? It is also for Gu Shen Qi. How to bite? There is a saying in the Taoist school called "two kidney teeth, such as biting things." What does that mean? "If" is like, but no. Therefore, the upper and lower teeth actually did not bite. It's like having two jujube cores in the middle of the upper and lower teeth, a virtual date kernel, you just hard to bite that virtual date core instead of your teeth. Everyone can do it. The feeling is that you didn't bite and you're still trying hard. It looks like there are two dates. In fact, it is to maintain a state of adduction of the air-conditioner and to consolidate its own kidney power so that it does not leak out.

The Toes

Men do not often hold mobile phones to play when they are usually normal. They must learn to adjust themselves in their daily life. When they are all right, they are more prone to tipping and help improve their sexual function, especially during urination. The method is to bring the feet together and use the force to pick up the heel and relax. Health care Experts said that if they can do this five to six times in one day, such a tiptoe exercise, they can achieve a good kidney effect every year. If you have chronic prostate Inflammation and prostatic hypertrophy, urinary sensation when urinating. In addition, when playing chess, playing cards, playing computer, or standing still, it is best to do a lame leg movement for 1 hour or so, which can make the blood circulation of the lower extremities smooth.

Some people think that if you walk on your heels, you can only use the toe to walk and walk 100 feet. work out Flexor muscle, from the meridian point of view, is also conducive to the smooth foot three Yin Jing. Of course, for Seniors Should pay attention to safety, so as not to stand unstable and fall; people suffering from osteoporosis is best not to do.

Nothing can touch the lower abdomen

3 inches below the navel is the place where the Guanyuan points are located. The Guanyuan points belong to the Renmai veins which runs through the chest and abdomen in the middle of the head surface. It refers to a meridian that is closely related to both the male and female reproductive systems. There are many acupuncture points with strong stimulating effect. For self-massage, you can first use Guanyuan as the center of the circle, and the left or right palm can be counterclockwise and clockwise for 3 to 5 minutes. Then, press the Guan Yuan for 3 minutes with the breath. Of course, if there are conditions, you can also use moxa moxibustion Guan Yuan, about 10 minutes each time, there is a good strong effect.

Yangshuo how to do Yangshuo how to treat Yangshuo what to eat

Feel free to play with your fingers

The tip of the index finger is the Shangyang point beside the nails on the radial side. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that stimulating the acupuncture point has the effect of strong intensive aphrodisiac, which can delay sexual aging. You can use the index finger to hook the handrails or rings in the car when you are on a commuting bus or tram; or you can pull the fingers and hooks together repeatedly during your free time; or use an umbrella handle to massage the index finger.

What does Yangshuo eat?

1. Turtle

Turtles are nourishing yin and blood. The book contained in the book, alias 鳖 or Shan Shui fish, "into the liver, liver and kidney, Yi Qi and blood, can make up the lack of kidney yin.

2, whip dishes

The strong whip in the pot is not uncommon in China's long-standing diet culture. In traditional Chinese medicine, the whip is an organic structure that is easily absorbed by the body and converted into its own energy. It is far more effective than ordinary plants and meat products. In addition to the functions of Kidney-building and Liver-invigorating, blood-enriching-qi, skin-beautifying, and gluten-strengthening in the book “Compendium of Materia Medica”, modern scientific research has found that it contains a large number of renal viability factors, 17 amino acids, many trace elements, and multiple titanium. Active substances such as hemoglobin can be consumed not only by men but also by women.

Yangshuo how to do Yangshuo how to treat Yangshuo what to eat

3, lamb

The most common mutton is a common dish on the winter table, is a hot, it will help the role of Yang, and Eucommia is a good medicine for kidney, can ease the symptoms of weak waist, fatigue, nocturnal emission. Eucommia is the bark of Eucommia ulmoides. It is stated in the book “Ben Cao Zai Zhu Yuan” that when choosing Eucommia, it can be broken and there are white silk like cotton fiber, which is a better quality Eucommia ulmoides.

4, eggs

Egg is a nutrient carrier for human body function, and it is an excellent “reducing agent” for rejuvenation after sexual survival. In the days before the wedding, the Arabs mainly used onions and roasted eggs to defend their spontaneity. What kind of food is aphrodisiac and Indian doctors are in motion? Before a couple has sex, they should drink rice porridge made from eggs, milk and honey. In our country, Kusano also popularizes the custom of frying eggs in wedding dinners. Newly-married couples are often sexually active, with large amounts of thrift, and supplementing eggs quickly helps to restore the body.

5, muddy

Loach contains high-quality protein, fat, vitamin B1, vitamin A, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Its sweet, flat nature, there is nourishing qi, nourishing kidney service. It has a good effect on the regulatory performance. The mud loquat contains an exceptional protein that has the effect of promoting sperm establishment. Adult men who eat mud can nourish their bodies.

6, Donkey

The donkey saying goes, "The dragon in the sky, the donkey on the ground." The donkey smells delicious and is a low-fat, high-protein, low-cholesterol meat. Chinese medicine believes that donkey meat is cool and cool, with nourishing yin and yang, nourishing qi and nourishing blood. Donkey kidney, sweet and warm, the benefits of kidney impotence, strong gluten bone work. It can treat impotence without embolism and waist and knees. (Reference website: Minfu Kang)

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