The high incidence of cancer is dominated by five factors

The cancer The emergence of this is something that everyone does not want to face. We all know some bad behaviors in our daily life, or because some outsiders may cause cancer, so what is the specific reason? What causes cancer? The following small series introduces everyone to the causes of cancer.

What are the causes of cancer? Why do you have cancer? What does cancer prevent?

Cause of cancer

1, lifestyle

Bad habits are most likely to occur with cancer, especially the possibility of cancer, smoking, alcohol, frequent late-night snacks, breathing in the streets, or even inhaling the fumes emitted from cooking at home. . In short, humans are not health There is a possibility that cancer, food, housing, and transportation can cause cancer. This type of cancer is "lifestyle cancer."

2, dietary excess

As the living environment becomes better and better, the dietary conditions are gradually getting better. High fat can affect the intestinal flora and certain levels of bile acids and cholesterol, and these can become promoters of colon cancer. Dietary fat intake was positively correlated with the prevalence of colorectal cancer, and the incidence of colorectal cancer was significantly higher in people with high fat intake.

In the daily life of wine, we better not touch, because excessive drinking is also an important factor in inducing cancer. Excessive drinking and Mouth Cancer, pharynx cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, rectal cancer, Breast cancer The incidence is closely related. For oral and throat cancers, the incidence of overdrinkers is more than twice as high as non-drinkers. The relationship between esophageal cancer and alcohol is even closer.

3, psychological factors can also be incentives

Why can psychological factors cause cancer? Experts pointed out that according to current research, the main reason is that adverse emotions have an inhibitory effect on the body's immune function, thus affecting the immune system's ability to recognize and eliminate cancer cells. In a healthy person's body, although normal cells also have the potential to become mutated and become cancer cells, the body's immune system can destroy and destroy these cells in time before they proliferate. However, if people's emotions or other psychological factors are not good for a long time, they will reduce the immune function and thus do nothing about cancer cells. Open-minded personality and good mood, for prevention The occurrence of cancer is very important.

What are the causes of cancer? Why do you have cancer? What does cancer prevent?

4. External environmental pollution

The vast majority of cancers are not caused only by internal or external causes, but are the result of multiple factors, internal and external interactions, and joint effects. The external causes are mainly environmental factors. Cancer epidemiological studies have shown that more than 90% of malignant tumors are related to the environment. Environmental factors include almost all substances that we encounter in our daily lives, such as food , water, air, drugs, chemicals, radiation, and microorganisms (such as bacteria and viruses). The environment can be divided into three parts: biology, physics and chemistry, and social environment. The major ones are chemical substances. Therefore, some experts pointed out that one of the main reasons for the increase in the incidence of cancer today is caused by a large amount of chemicals.

5, the proliferation of chemicals

Some food The chemical elements contained in it can also cause cancer. For example, when eating pickled and mildewed foods, among them, dimethylnitrosamine, diethylnitrosamine, and methylbenzylnitrosamine can be preserved meat and fish, and crude fish sauce. Found in. In addition, there are also more or less present in dried radish, dried cornmeal, sauerkraut, and certain moldy foods. In moldy foods, there are mycotoxins besides nitrosamines. These toxins can cause cancer and have a synergistic carcinogenic effect with nitrosamines. Experts also found Stomach cancer Food and food in high-incidence areas are seriously contaminated by molds. Even in the gastric juices of gastric cancer patients, molds and toxins are detected.

The What to eat prevent cancer


Chicken is a kind of meat that we find more common in our daily life. It is also a kind of favorite. We can find that chicken is often seen on our table. In fact, this is because chicken contains a lot of selenium. A small chicken breast can satisfy the human body's daily selenium content. Studies show that men who supplement enough selenium daily die prostate The possibility of cancer is much lower.

2. Malt bacteria

In many cases, people's understanding of malt bacteria is relatively blind. In fact, malt bacteria contain large amounts of vitamin E and zinc. The study found that if vitamin E supplements and daily intake of zinc, the risk of prostate cancer will be reduced by 20% and 45%, respectively.

What are the causes of cancer? Why do you have cancer? What does cancer prevent?

3. Bee milk

The emergence of bee milk is also effective in helping us fight the cancer, because there is a special kind of bee lactic acid in the bee milk, which has obvious anti-cancer effects.

4. Soy milk

Soybean-based foods contain isoflavone compounds, which have anti-cancer effects. In addition, legume foods also contain plant hormones. Phytohormones can reduce breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. Moreover, other compounds in mold foods can improve human endocrine function and increase human anti-cancer ability, so as to achieve cancer resistance and safety. effect.

5. Asparagus

Asparagus contains selenium and plant fibers, which can be used to control a variety of cancers. Scientists believe that the reason why asparagus can treat cancer is that it contains nutrients such as tissue proteins, which can normalize cell growth, and vitamin C and cellulose can strengthen the interstitial cells and become the first obstacle to the growth of cancer cells. It can also promote peristalsis, reduce the absorption of cholesterol in food by the intestinal wall, and promote the elimination of carcinogenic substances.

6. Onions

Appropriate consumption of onions can reduce the risk of many cancers such as colorectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, and ovarian cancer. (Reference website: Minfu Health Network)

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