Doing levator ani exercise can improve male sexual ability

Everyone has heard that the levator ani can improve sexual performance. Improve the man's intercourse ability, you can do more levator ani exercise, levator ani exercise can control male Ejaculation What is the principle of time?

How to improve male sexual ability What are the ways to improve sexual ability?

The Anal movement principle

The levator ani exercise is simply work out PC Muscle's intercourse to improve men's ability to perform sexual intercourse, what is PC muscle? The PC muscle is also called the pubococcygeus, which is exactly the muscle group. From the pubic bone in front of the body to the coccyx behind the body. The male's erection and urinating are the empty boxes of this muscle, so when your PC muscles are strong, it will be better if you have a natural erection force.

Does levator ani exercise control ejaculation?

We all know that PC muscle can control the erection of males, so its most direct role is to allow men to have a higher erection and to hold their urine at the same time. Men also know that the feeling of squeezing ejaculation and the feeling of holding back urine are Consistently, natural time will not be short when men can catch ejaculation desires.

How to improve male sexual ability What are the ways to improve sexual ability?

A man with a strong PC muscle can make erections easier and harder. At the same time can be a better man to control the ejaculation time. The best way to exercise PC muscles is to exercise the levator ani, exercise the levator ani, and control the time naturally will be more like a duck.

How to perform levator ani exercise

The first thing to do is find the PC muscle: When you urinate, you have to hold it in half, and that muscle is the PC muscle. If you have a difficult case of holding back your urine, it means that your PC muscle is in urgent need of exercise and its ability is very weak. After finding the PC muscle, you can exercise. First shrink for 3 seconds and then relax for 3 seconds. Repeat this for 3 to 5 minutes per day.

Then slowly extend the time, can be appropriate growth time, such as the gradual contraction to 5 seconds ~ gradually to 10 seconds - while combining breathing exercises, inhale when contracting, and exhale when relaxed. Afterwards, you can feel the obvious relaxation and spiritual relief.

Keeping 5 to 10 minutes a day for a month, you will feel your progress. You can exercise PC muscles at any time, especially waiting for the car, subway stations, meetings and other boring time, but note that some people may exercise during the PC muscle erection, so pay attention to shelter, do not under the vast public practice Lianlian practice erection.

It should be noted that all sports are insistent. It is not possible to fish for two days in three days. The punctual exercise on time every day is definitely better than irregularity.

How to improve male sexual ability What are the ways to improve sexual ability?

Ways to improve sexual skills

1, hot and cold method

The alternate use of hot and cold water to improve sexual ability is the most primitive exercise method.

Specific method: first soak the body with warm water in the bath, after the body is completely adapted to the warm water environment, rinse with cold water Pussy , About 3 minutes, depending on personal circumstances. After the penis and scrotum have contracted, they will be warmed, and this will be repeated 3-5 times. If you insist on hot and cold alternate baths every day, even after middle age, your energy is still abundant, sexual function is enhanced, and fatigue is light. If you use cold or hot water alternately in the shower, the effect will not change.

2, massage scrotum

Often direct massage of the scrotum can improve blood circulation in the testicles. Uninterrupted fresh blood supply to the testicles will enhance testicular function and increase male energy. Massage can be done once a day, every 2-3 minutes. Hand gently rub the testicles on the scrotum. But the time is not easy to be too long, because the stimulation is too strong, just the opposite will make the testicle function low. Massage is best done every day, so the effect is definitely stronger than occasional. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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