Secondhand smoke is a big hazard

Secondhand smoke, also known as non-voluntary smoking, and environmental tobacco smoke, which is smoked in the room when smoking cigarettes, is a form of passive smoking. It is also the most harmful and most serious indoor air pollution and it is a major global death the reason. Some studies have pointed out that second-hand smoke contains more than 4,000 harmful chemical substances and dozens of carcinogens such as tar, Amonia, nicotine, suspended particulates, PM2.5, and thorium-210.

What is the harm of secondhand smoke What is the danger of secondhand smoke How to Quit Smoking

Secondhand smoke hazards

1, lung cancer

According to China Food Network, second-hand smoke contains more harmful substances than mainstream smoke. For example, there are twice as many nicotine, three times as much tar, five times as much carbon monoxide and about 50 times more carcinogens. According to calculations, the amount of smoke inhaled by non-smokers within one hour is equivalent to the average amount of inhaled cigarettes in places with poor ventilation. According to the survey, smokers have a significantly higher chance of developing lung cancer than non-smokers. Through analysis of the smoke inhaled by smokers, smoke was found to contain dozens of carcinogens. The risk of lung cancer is related to the length of smoking. The earlier you start smoking, the greater the risk. The longer the smoking time, the higher the incidence and mortality of lung cancer.

versus male compared to, female Even more harmful by tobacco. Some women living with smokers are six times more likely to develop lung cancer than normal people. What needs to be reminded is that the risk of lung cancer among females is even more severe. It is 1,9 times that of male smokers suffering from lung cancer. Secondhand smoke is no less harmful to passive smokers than active smokers, especially to pregnant women and children. The study pointed out that daily and smokers stay together for more than 15 minutes, the harm of those who smoke “secondhand smoke” is equivalent to smokers. Seventy-five percent of lung cancer patients are ultimately responsible for smoking.

2, the harm to memory

Harmful substances such as nicotine in the smoke stimulate the brain to harden the cerebral vasculature, and brain function can be affected. Long-term passive children’s mental development is significantly worse than those who grew up in non-smoky environments.

Non-smokers who are often exposed to second-hand smoke are 20% less likely to score on memory tests than non-smokers in another group. Smokers performed worse and scored 30% lower than non-smokers who were not exposed to second-hand smoke.

What is the harm of secondhand smoke What is the danger of secondhand smoke How to Quit Smoking

3, trigger children asthma Disease, pneumonia, ear inflammation

Children are the biggest victims of environmental pollution. Children often experience higher environmental exposure than adults, who breathe more air than adults and inhale more pollutants. Coupled with children's agility, poor self-protection, and impaired immune function, they are most vulnerable to contaminants. If Daddy smokes at home, the child will not do anything against it at all, nor will he do something to protect himself. He will only be forced to use secondhand smoke. However, secondhand smoke affects children health The main hazards are: baby Asthma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, bronchitis, pneumonia and ear inflammation.

4, Coronary heart disease

Smoking causes heart disease. This applies not only to those who actually smoke, but also to non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke. Exposure to second-hand smoke can cause acute coronary heart disease. Even a short-term exposure to second-hand smoke will increase the risk of coronary heart disease. This is biologically certain.

Smoking increases the risk of coronary heart disease in men by 4 to 6 times, compared to 6 to 9 times in women. Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke increases the risk of heart disease death in non-smoking women. Secondhand smoke causes coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke in women. Peripheral blood vessels disease The incidence has increased significantly. The cause of coronary heart disease caused by passive smoking is that chemical substances inhaled by passive smoking can cause dyslipidemia, thick blood, destruction of myocardial tissue, decrease blood vessel regulation of blood pressure and blood flow, and increase the risk of myocardial infarction.

What is the harm of secondhand smoke What is the danger of secondhand smoke How to Quit Smoking

Good way to quit smoking

1. Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

2. Wash the warm bath every day and can't help yourself if you can't help yourself.

2. Take full rest during the smoking cessation and live a regular life.

4. Take a walk outdoors after a meal and take a deep breath for 15 minutes.

5. Don't drink stimulating beverages, change to milk, fresh juices, and cereals.

6. Try to avoid eating poultry and frying food .

7. Eat more vitamin B group, can be stable nerve . (Reference website: China Tai Chi Boxing Network)

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