How to recuperate sexual function 5 methods to restore ability

The male Loss of sexual function refers to male spermatorrhea, Yangshuo , Premature ejaculation . The spermatorrhea is not due to sexual life semen Discarded condition.

How to reduce sexual function How to reduce sexual function

How to deal with sexual dysfunction

First, use less drugs

The How to deal with sexual dysfunction ? Many drugs have effects on sexual function, such as antihypertensive drugs, sedative drugs, and antibiotics. Mental illness Drugs, diuretics, etc. will have inhibitory effects on sexual function, causing low sexual desire.

Second, no smoking, no alcohol

Long-term smoking and excessive drinking, excessive intake of harmful substances such as alcohol and nicotine in the body, will constitute a sperm Effects on the peripheral blood vessels of testis and reproductive organs.

How to reduce sexual function How to reduce sexual function

Third, insist on normal sex life

This can stimulate the production of male and female hormones to maintain balance in the body, due to the increase of blood flow to the sexual organs, improve the local blood circulation, so that the sexual organs remain flexible, thus delaying the atrophy.

The Fourth, relieve unnecessary psychological burden

A short time Loss of sexual function It should not be blindly treated as permanent. In fact, it is entirely possible that temporary conditions may occur in situations such as fatigue, stress, anxiety and poor living conditions. Sexual dysfunction Therefore, we must have a correct understanding of the occasional sexual dysfunction.

V. Adherence to fitness is beneficial to sexual life

For those who participated in sports, 40% were more excited than before they participated in sports, and 25% were more likely to reach orgasm. After exercise, the human body will release a pleasant hormone. At the same time, exercise can enhance the heart's ability to supply blood to the sex organs. It provides more blood supply and stronger erectile ability.

How to reduce sexual function How to reduce sexual function

Sexual dysfunction therapeutic side

1, Yiyang Sparrow

15 sparrows, 10 grams of fennel, anise and garlic, 9 grams of ginger, and vegetable oil. Spoil the sparrow to the viscera and fry in the pan. Sprinkle the sparrow (after frying) into the pot together with the medicine, add appropriate amount of water, and boil, then gently cook for about 1 hour. Take sparrows to eat, eat 3 to 5 a day, half an hour can be effective. Yiyang strong kidney. Applicable to the impotence of kidney yang deficiency, premature ejaculation, hypoactive libido embolism. Taboo: Yin Huowang should not take.

2, raising chicken

The egg 2, with tablets, yam 10 grams each, fennel 5 grams, 2 grams of green salt. First put the fennel, yam, attached tablets and blue salt into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, and cook for more than 2 hours. Place the eggs in a bowl and pour it in a cup of liquid, or mix in a little honey. For each morning service, persist for more than a month can be effective. Kidney yang, Yi Jing increase force. Applicable to premature aging of kidney deficiency kidney deficiency, loss of libido, impotence embolism. Juvenile kidney is not suitable. (Reference site: Health care Road Network)

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