How to treat sexual dysfunction eat more of these foods

Many men reach a certain age and their physical fitness declines. The body will gradually show signs of aging. Under the influence of some external factors such as the living environment and psychological pressure, sexual abilities will also cause problems, mainly manifested in sexual dysfunction, sexual desire. In terms of decline, how does the male sexual function decline? Diet is the most suitable and the simplest method of prevention and treatment, then sexual dysfunction What to eat food OK?

How to deal with sexual dysfunction? How to treat sexual dysfunction? What are the treatment of sexual dysfunction?

How treatment Loss of sexual function

1, intake of adequate quality protein

Proteins contain a variety of amino acids required for human activity. These amino acids are involved in the formation of human tissue cells including sex organs and germ cells. For example, arginine is sperm An important recipe for survival, a dietary principle that improves sexual function and eliminates fatigue, soy food In particular, frozen tofu is rich in arginine, while fish, eggs, and meat are protein-rich foods. Loss of sexual function The crowd should eat more.

2, supply the right amount of fat

From the point of view of sexual function maintenance, people with impaired sexual function should take a certain amount of fat, because the body's sex hormones are mainly converted from cholesterol in fat, and long-term vegetarianism will affect the secretion of sex hormones, which is not conducive to maintaining sexual function, and fat. It contains some necessary essential fatty acids for sperm production. If it is lacking, it will not only affect the sperm production, but also cause a decline in sexual desire. It will also help to absorb fat, and it will also help absorb vitamin A, vitamin E and other fat-soluble vitamins, eat more meat, and fish. Foods can help supplement fat.

How to deal with sexual dysfunction? How to treat sexual dysfunction? What are the treatment of sexual dysfunction?

3, attention to enzyme supplements

Enzyme is a special catalytic protein that can promote human metabolism. health Helpful. If the body lacks enzymes, there may be dysfunction, including sexual dysfunction, and even loss of fertility. Enzymes are present in all kinds of foods. When cooking foods, it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature should not be too high, the time should not be too long to avoid enzymes Damaged.

4, to improve the function of trace elements can not be less

The lack of zinc in the human body can lead to reduced sperm loss and increased numbers of abnormal sperm, as well as Male sexual dysfunction In the case of declining fertility, animal viscera, lean meat, oysters, milk, beans, potatoes, brown sugar are rich in zinc, and men should eat more.

How to deal with sexual dysfunction? How to treat sexual dysfunction? What are the treatment of sexual dysfunction?

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction

1, Ejaculation problem appear

In general, men with poor sexual function are prone to problems such as nocturnal emission, no ejaculation, or retrograde ejaculation. Among them, nocturnal emission is ejaculation that occurs when there is no sexual activity. This phenomenon occurs in 80% of unmarried men and is not necessarily morbid. But if it is a long-term frequent spermatorrhea, there may be a problem with sexual function; non-ejaculation means that there is no ejaculation or erotic symptoms in sexual life, and retrograde ejaculation is manifested in sexual life semen Shot, but the semen reversed into the bladder.

2, low sexual desire or loss of libido

Low sexual desire or loss of libido is also a problem often encountered by men with poor sexual function. Sexual desire refers to the stimulation of sexual arousal and sexual intercourse under certain conditions. Changes in sexual desire should be measured by regular sexual reactions. Men have appropriate conditions. Irritability is not sexual, or sexual desire is significantly reduced under the same conditions, and is considered to be related to the decline of sexual function. In general, changes in sexual desire are influenced by many factors such as age, mental and illness.

3, impotence or premature ejaculation

Impotence refers to the penis can not erect or erect is not strong, can not be normal sexual intercourse, this phenomenon can be caused by organic disease or mental factors, organic disease caused by impotence manifested as penis can not be erected at any time, and mental factors The resulting impotence can only be erected when sexually stimulated or sexually active. Premature ejaculation means that the penis can be erect, but in the sexual life, ejaculation occurs when it enters the vagina or touches the vagina, and sexual life cannot be completed normally. (Reference website: Leha Health Network)

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