The duration of smoking cessation syndrome varies from person to person

Friends who smoke in the year will have various discomforts after quitting smoking, which will affect the smoking cessation effect. We call it smoking cessation syndrome. Many people who smoke regularly suddenly quit smoking symptom , such as irritability, dizziness, headache, insomnia, cough Sweaty, Heart rate Decline, increased appetite, etc. Medically known as nicotine withdrawal syndrome, commonly known as the smoking cessation syndrome, the smoking cessation syndrome occurs because during the smoking cessation period, the amount of nicotine ingested is greatly reduced, and if it fails to meet the requirements, many undesirable symptoms will appear.

How long does the smoking cessation syndrome last? How long does the smoking cessation syndrome last? What are the symptoms of smoking cessation syndrome?

Quit syndrome duration

People will appear in the initial stages of just quitting Quit smoking syndrome It will cause discomfort to people and will continue for some time.

The duration of smoking cessation syndrome is generally 3 months, the process of quitting smoking is very painful. In the first three months, my heart is slightly firm and will re-suction. After eating in the mouth, it will secrete a lot of mucus especially uncomfortable like a cat scratch. After three months have passed, it will be comfortable to point to six months and the situation will appear even worse than the last time. There are times when I feel bad and smell the smell of cigarettes and then pump my mouth to dispel thoughts. When you are free to play football and vent your energy, you don't think about it and quit smoking for a year. At this time, your confidence becomes bigger and your attitude is more positive.

When the smoker gives up smoking, the body begins the repair process and clears the damage and residue left over from years of smoking. Therefore, there is no need to worry or worry about it. This is a very normal stage. It is the body that informs you that it is working on repairing its various parts. Physical rehabilitation takes some time. The length of time varies from person to person.

How long does the smoking cessation syndrome last? How long does the smoking cessation syndrome last? What are the symptoms of smoking cessation syndrome?

Symptoms of smoking cessation syndrome

1, cough, cough, black cough

Sometime after quitting smoking, quitters may have symptoms of coughing, and some may cough and spit black. This is actually due to the fact that the cilia in the lungs have been repaired to increase the frequency of detoxification. The black phlegm that coughs out is the toxin that is excreted in the lungs.

2, thirsty

Because after quitting smoking, the body is accelerating the metabolism of nicotine, the body is also being restored everywhere, the need for nutrients will be more, the demand for water is even more, and the increase in appetite after quitting smoking is also a part of this reason. Maintain a reasonable diet and add more moisture.

In addition, many Drink water Yes Treatment of smoking cessation syndrome One of the methods.

3, Oral ulcer

Some experts have studied the problem of oral ulcers after quitting smoking. The results of the study are oral ulcers caused by temporary disturbance of immunity due to mood depression after quitting smoking.

After quitting smoking, you should adjust your mind and pay attention to the adjustment of your mood. Eat more fruits and eat more vegetables.

How long does the smoking cessation syndrome last? How long does the smoking cessation syndrome last? What are the symptoms of smoking cessation syndrome?

4, sleep disorders

There may be lethargy, it may be insomnia, in the face of this withdrawal symptoms, all that needs to be done is to adjust the rest time to sleep patterns. go to bed Before, no tea or drink coffee .

5, dizziness, lack of concentration

This is actually the normal physiological feedback of brain receptors to get rid of nicotine stimulation. Within 2-3 weeks, the brain is completely free from nicotine, and dizziness and inattention will be replaced by energy and focus.

6, emptiness

This is also the most difficult place for quitters to stop. After stopping smoking, they always feel a little less. There is a sense of “disappearance” in the mind and it is very uncomfortable. This feeling completely disappears after 2 weeks after quitting smoking.

The answer is to drink plenty of water. Note: Do not use snacks or increase the amount of food to fill, easy to obesity, many people blame the quit smoking weight loss cessation, in fact, he did not pay attention to diet. (Reference site: Sohu)

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