5 ways to self-test if body moisture is too heavy

At present, the temperature in some parts of the southern part of the country has started to rise, but the temperature in some areas in the north is still relatively low, and it is still in the cold winter season. So many people still choose to go steaming, for people with heavy moisture. It is also very suitable Health care Way, and steaming also has fitness and beauty effect , but also by a lot female Welcome from friends. When we sweat, there are some people who sweat a lot, does it mean that the body's moisture is relatively heavy? How can I judge if my moisture is too heavy? Let's take a look at Xiaobian together.

How to measure the humidity? What are the methods of measuring the moisture? How does the humidity test itself?

Sweat sweat more than wet weight?

For sweat steaming sweat more, it is also divided into circumstances, if you choose to sweat for a long time, due to long-term high temperature environment, the body will naturally produce more sweat, in this case, That is, it is relatively normal, so it cannot be judged whether its own moisture is too heavy.

There are also some people because of their own sweat glands are more developed, in the choice of steaming, it will lead to more sweating, so it can not determine whether the moisture is too heavy.

Of course, in the above two cases, if the amount of sweat has been relatively high, it may be caused by the fact that the humidity in the body is relatively heavy, because sweat steam itself has the effect of removing moisture and detoxification, It will also be followed by sweat, and you will see more sweat on the body surface.

How to measure the humidity? What are the methods of measuring the moisture? How does the humidity test itself?

How to judge whether the moisture is too heavy?

Appetite level

If the humidity is relatively high, normal appetite will be lower, and Mouth The viscosity of medium saliva will also be heavy. It will often feel thirsty but it will not Drink water Desire.

Look at the tongue

When the moisture in the body is relatively heavy, it can be seen from the state and color of the tongue coating. If you just wake up in the morning, you observe that your tongue is thicker and the color is yellowish or white. There are signs of tooth compression on both sides of the tongue. Normally, it can indicate that the body's moisture is too heavy. It requires timely treatment of phlegm.

Look at the size and size

If the body's moisture is heavy, it will affect its own urine state and the shape of the stool. When the humidity is heavy, the urine will appear cloudy, the stool will be more sticky, and the sticky toilet will be difficult to clean. Happening.

How to measure the humidity? What are the methods of measuring the moisture? How does the humidity test itself?

See personal status

Normally, people with heavy humidity often show signs of lack of energy, weak limbs, and feeling of fatigue, which of course may be due to other conditions. disease Caused by the need to go in time hospital get on an examination .

Look skin

When the humidity of the body is relatively heavy, the symptoms of eczema in the body are more likely to be caused, and the itching and inflammation of the skin surface of the body surface often occur.

Can moisture be steamed?

It is believed that everyone knows that steaming is a detoxification effect, but steaming is not suitable for all people with heavy moisture.

If oneself is suffering from a phlegm constitution, the organ dysfunction of the organs in the body leads to the accumulation of water vapor in the body, which is more suitable for steaming, which can effectively eliminate the water vapor accumulated in the body and restore the health of the body.

If the crowd chooses to sweat steamy, the loss of sweat will increase the symptoms of the yin deficiency disease. Although some of the body's moisture will be excreted, it will lead to some functions of the body. Weakened, causing more illness. ( 99 Health Network (www.99.com.cn) Zhuangao, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source. )

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