How to treat insomnia 6 ways to make you sleep well

Insomnia is a very uncomfortable thing. According to relevant data, everyone will basically suffer from insomnia, and in the spring, the insomnia rate is the highest, then you know what methods are available treatment Insomnia? Today Xiao Bian gave you a few ways to treat insomnia, and hopefully it will help everyone.

How to deal with insomnia How to treat insomnia What are the treatment of insomnia?

Treatment of insomnia

Limit sleep time

Our daily insomnia time is fixed, but if we sleep too long during the day, it is very easy to cause us to fall asleep at night. So we have to limit the sleep during the day, choose to get up early in the morning, do not stay in bed; and to maintain a half-hour sleep during the nap.

Relaxation treatment

Many of the causes of insomnia are due to their own nerve Caused by factors. a lot in go to bed I would like to think of something before, and this will keep our brains excited. At this time, we can choose to go for a walk after dinner. This will help us to ease our thoughts. It will also allow us not to think about too many things before going to bed, so as to achieve the purpose of treating insomnia.

How to deal with insomnia How to treat insomnia What are the treatment of insomnia?

Choose the right sleeping position

Sleeping posture can also promote sleep, and studies have shown that if you use Wolong at night, you can improve sleep therapy and promote insomnia. The Wolong style is to use the way to lie to the right, then use the straightened state of the left foot, and use the downward flexion position of the right foot.

Adhere to sports work out

You can choose to exercise at a fixed time each day, and this time is best to choose between 5 and 7 o'clock. Physical exercise can not only make our body more robust, but it can also make our body feel tired and promote sleep. However, exercise is also in need of proper amount, otherwise it is prone to fatigue, and eventually leads to worsening insomnia.

How to deal with insomnia How to treat insomnia What are the treatment of insomnia?

Diet therapy for insomnia

For the treatment of insomnia, we can also use dietary therapy, and studies have shown that if you sleep in a banana or a cup of warm milk, you can do this. Therefore, if insomnia occurs, it is best to choose to use therapeutic methods for treatment.

Bathing before going to bed

Before we go to sleep, we can use foot bath to treat insomnia, because it can make our body and mind become comfortable, we can soak up all the fatigue caused by the body and put it in the foot bath. If you add some salt, it will work better.

There are many ways to treat insomnia, because there are many factors that cause insomnia, but do not eat sleeping pills because of insomnia, otherwise it is easy to have side effects on the body. ( 99 health ( Zhuangao, if you need to reprint please indicate the source. )

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