What is a short penis snack? Recommend 4 kinds of food

a lot of male All feel that their penis is too small to reach the ideal length, so try every means to extend the penis. The length of Chinese male penis after erection reaches 10 cm, even if it is a normal size. In general, there are few patients with really short penis. Although medicine is more and more developed nowadays, but not all problems need and need to use surgical methods to solve, after all, any surgery is a certain degree of risk. In general, a normal male penis is short and does not have any discomfort or affect sexual life and fertility. There is absolutely no need for surgery. So what are the short penis for men? food Better?

What is the short penis snack? How to treat short penis? What are the causes of short penis?

The Penis short snack what food

1, beef

The Penis short snacks what ? Beef is the food containing the most creatine, sarcosine can help men to increase muscles, effectively relieve physical fatigue, but also can enhance the resistance of men, and the fat content of beef is very low, no fat will eat more Worries.

2, seafood

Seafood is definitely a food to help men fill in, because seafood is rich in zinc, a little oysters can meet the man's body's daily zinc content, improve men's male hormones, make men more masculine .

What is the short penis snack? How to treat short penis? What are the causes of short penis?

3, olive oil

miss you Treatment of penis short It is necessary to eat more olive oil. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the human body and is especially important for protecting the heart. The study found that compared with saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease.

4, black beans

Although black beans are small in size, they are more energetic and do not feel hungry for longer than other foods.

What is the short penis snack? How to treat short penis? What are the causes of short penis?

Male penis causes short

1. Prepuce is a major cause of short penis, due to the growth and development of the penis before puberty is bound by too long foreskin, and adult penis short symptom .

2. Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, because the hypothalamus and pituitary lesions can not send down the testosterone production instructions.

3 lesions in the testosterone high gonadotropin hypogonadism, when the hypothalamus and pituitary normal, can send strong instructions, but the testis is sick, unable to perform the production of sex hormones and sperm The command. (Reference website: Seek medical advice)

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