What are the causes of the short penis?

There are parts of life male Due to his penis is not long enough, leading to his own lack of self-confidence. What are the common causes of short penis? Here are the reasons why the man's penis is short for everyone's reference.

What are the causes of short penis? What are the causes of short penis? How to do short penis?

The reason for the short penis

Nutrition did not keep up

The size of the penis and its nutrition are also related to a strong, physically tall male, the development of the penis is generally better, the penis will be significantly larger. But the size of the penis is not proportional to its height. So if nutrition does not keep up, it also leads to The reason for the short penis one.

Obesity factors

The penis of many obese men appears to be shorter than the average male penis, because of some small abdomen, pubic symphysis, and Pussy Men with overweight and full fat often have poorly developed penis, and they naturally have smaller natural men. However, in this case, sexual life may be affected after men get married. Men's friends should attract attention.

The size of the penis is also affected by the temperature

Environmental factors and other factors, different environments, different temperatures, penis size are very different.

What are the causes of short penis? What are the causes of short penis? How to do short penis?

Male foreskin is a common phenomenon

If this phenomenon exists, it may also hinder the development of the penis and become Small penis It also affects the harmony of sexual life.

Irregular sexual life

Excessive masturbation can also lead to men Short penis The phenomenon, if the male excessive masturbation, will make the kidney in the development of no energy to expand the development of sexual organs, forming a male penis is short.

What are the causes of short penis? What are the causes of short penis? How to do short penis?

Will a short penis affect fertility?

There are many differences between the human penis and the body, such as height, shortness, weight, and facial features. They are of different lengths and sizes. The penis length of the same person in the normal state is not constant, such as tension, cold or severe fatigue can make the penis shorten. In addition, the measurement method itself also has a great difference, so it is difficult to simply determine the penis is not normal. Therefore, the above figures can only serve as a reference, and do not try hard to compare your own length. clinical Doctors have never been willing to judge whether the penis is normal or not. As long as normal sexual intercourse can be completed, the task of having children is normal. Otherwise this family has long been eliminated.

Who is suitable for penis extension

1, congenital small penis. Male friends suffer from congenital penis, often with short penis appearances, and accompanied by incomplete development of reproductive organs, such as hypoplastic testis.

2, penile dysplasia. Some male penis dysplasia, so the male penis is short, the length of erection is less than 9cm, in this case, can also be penis extension.

3, trauma damage. Because of the cause of trauma, men lead to the introduction of short, affecting the male appearance of the penis and the male sexual function, sexual life quality. (Reference website; Global hospital network)

The Wonderful recommendation: How to treat short penis or can do it

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