How to treat men’s odor

How treatment male Bad smell problem? With regard to male stench problems, it is seriously affecting daily life and work, and timely treatment is critical! Today Xiao Bian sorts out the three treatment methods and the causes of the disease, and hopes to help everyone treat it!

How to treat men's bad smell How to prevent men's bad smell How to prevent men's bad smell

The Treatment of odor

The Electrolytic electrocautery: The principle is to penetrate the hair follicle into the hair follicle in the hair growth direction, and then use the thermal effect to damage the hair follicle, thereby destroying the apocrine sweat glands. This method is simple, easy to use, and has minimal damage. The required equipment is relatively inexpensive. The disadvantages are that it takes time and effort, requires the insertion of one hair follicle, and needs to stay for a period of time in each hair follicle; 2 it is difficult to properly grasp the depth of the skin when penetrated into the skin, resulting in sometimes poor efficacy, and sometimes the treatment produces hypertrophic scars.

The Microwave RF: It is the thermal effect that destroys the hair follicles, and the target is the axillary hair dense area. Although this technique is very convenient for the treatment of deodorization, it also has the disadvantage that the depth of treatment is not easy to grasp. The treatment area is too large and too deep, and complications are more likely to occur. The scope of treatment is too limited and the efficacy is greatly reduced. In addition, microwave therapy is not as targeted as electrocautery electrocautery, and the damage to normal tissues around the hair follicles is also relatively large. Sometimes treatment of local inflammatory reactions is severe.

The clinical surgery: Divided into traditional curative resection and minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive surgery is recommended for the treatment of underarm odor. It is generally selected under the armpit. skin Make a 3-4cm incision on the wrinkle line, or use a sweat gland remover to enter the skin under the armpit, carefully destroy the sweat glands and remove them from the body to achieve the purpose of removing the stinking odor. The advantages of surgical treatment of underarm odor are thorough, but there is a certain recovery period. Postoperative pressure bandaging requires time and cost. Surgical treatment also has certain requirements for patients. The disadvantage is that individual patients will have subcutaneous hematoma, skin necrosis; can not completely eliminate the bad breath, but only to reduce. It may also cause hand-raising difficulties and local discomfort.

How to treat men's bad smell How to prevent men's bad smell How to prevent men's bad smell

The Causes of male odor

The fundamental cause of stench formation is an unpleasant, pungent odor created by the action of large sweat gland secretions on the surface of the skin.

Two conditions are required to produce stench: body surface bacteria and apocrine gland secretions. The human body has many unfavorable and clean places, such as the armpits. When the temperature is high and the humidity is high, the bacteria will breed here. If the hygiene habits are not good, the odor will be enhanced.

Clinical cases show that 62% of patients have a family genetic history. In general, parents have rancid odors, and their children have a stench of 93%. The parents have stench on one side and the offspring have a 50% chance of stench, so the genetic probability of stench is high.

How to treat men's bad smell How to prevent men's bad smell How to prevent men's bad smell

The Bad smell prevention method

When the psychological stress is distressed, the sweat glands in the nose, armpits, groin, and genitalia are secreted. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the stability of emotions in order to prevent odor.

Usually take a bath, change clothes, wash your body thoroughly with soap, dry your body, you can also achieve the purpose of preventing stench.

Stick to detoxification. Various vegetables, apples and tea can help detoxify. many Drink water Increase the amount of urine, allowing more metabolites to be excreted from the urinary tract, thereby reducing the excretion from the skin and preventing the odor.

Quit smoking and avoid excessive consumption of meat, seafood, or fatty foods food Avoid strong smelling foods such as garlic, fennel, curry and onions. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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