Under the boy’s abdominal pain may be testicular torsion How to treat well

12 years old boy , burst left lower stomach ache At 34 hours, left testicular pain was admitted to the hospital for 24 hours.

What is the pain of the boy's lower body? What is the testicular torsion? How does the boy's testicles twist?

The Child First, there was pain in the left lower abdomen, nausea and vomiting, and pain in the left testis was not obvious. In the emergency department, abdominal CT was performed to show that there was no obvious lesion in the abdomen and the diagnosis was intestinal fistula. treatment After abdominal pain relief, left testicular pain appeared before 24 hours and gradually increased.

Color Doppler Tip: The testis on the left is swollen and there is no blood flow. Consider that testicular torsion may be large. Emergency surgery performed a left scrotal exploration. After the testicles were squeezed out, they were found to be dark purple, reversed three and a half times, like hemp flowers, and after 5 minutes of resetting the testes, there was no change in the color. Finally, the left side of the testicles was removed. What a pity!

Testicular torsion is the result of insufficient blood flow to the supply of testis due to torsion of the spermatic cord, or even complete absence of blood perfusion resulting in ischemic pain or even necrosis of the testis. The incidence is about 1/1000, which is common in people under the age of 25 male Most often occur in men between the ages of 12 and 20, and of course some occur within the first year of life. baby .

What is the pain of the boy's lower body? What is the testicular torsion? How does the boy's testicles twist?

The How to do testicular torsion in young boys

In daily life, many children's families are paralyzed by testicular torsion, and when they are in pain, they are forgiving. They think that it is an ordinary inflammatory simple infusion therapy, which delays early diagnosis and treatment. As a result, individuals lose their fertility and become unhappy for life. Therefore, children with puberty and before and after the sudden emergence of scrotal swelling, pain, especially in adolescents, should consider the possibility of testicular torsion, it is necessary to go hospital Urology an examination Diagnosis and treatment.

Surgery is a reliable and effective treatment. It can not only treat twisted testes, but also prevention health Testicular on one side. In the hands, it should be treated according to the specific circumstances. During the operation, the testis is seen as dark purple. After the "twisted twist" is released, the recovery of the blood circulation is observed. Within half an hour, if the blood operation gradually recovers, the testicles of the black and purple gradually become red, indicating a shorter lesion time and testicular function. Has been restored and can be retained. If the testicular color does not recover during surgery, it indicates that it has become necrotic and should be removed. Because medical research in recent years found that necrotic testes can pass the blood and testis barriers in the body and form anti-sperm antibodies, it is easy to affect the function of the testis on the other side. On the side of the general surgery, the other side may also develop early or late.

What is the pain of the boy's lower body? What is the testicular torsion? How does the boy's testicles twist?

The Child testicular torsion postoperative care

Postoperatively, ice can be given to relieve pain and edema. At the same time, the scrotum needs to be supported for a week with a T-zone to restore normal function. After the child returned to the ward, he received routine care after surgery. Close observation of the incision, pay attention to local bleeding and hematoma, to avoid crying children. Stay in bed for 5-7 days and avoid getting out of bed early. Attention should be paid to young children to avoid dressings being contaminated by urine and urine and replacing them if soaked. After the testicle is reset, the color of the skin of the scrotum should be observed, and whether there is swelling or pain in the area. (Reference site: Good doctor online)

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