Men will also come to vacation. These performances are very abnormal

The Men come official holiday What is the performance? Actually male There will be a few days of abnormal performance in a month. This may be an official holiday. The following Xiao Bian will come to understand with you.

What does a man take for vacation? What kind of performance does a man have for vacation?

Men's performance to leave

1, eat: prone to loss of appetite, even if food is not moving, usually heavy taste, to those days, just like changing the individual, the taste becomes very light, eat spicy, sour can not stand.

2, wear: usually love to wear casual clothes, but for a few days they always dress up very formal, well-dressed, for fear that others do not pay attention.

3, line: Originally likes outdoor sports, people become lazy, do not want to go out, stay at home to read books, watch TV, but do not know what they want to see in the end, flipped the book, transferred to the TV show When you tune in, you can't find anything to look at.

4. Affection: People who have always been serious about work have become absent-minded. They look blank and dim in their eyes. They seem to be avoiding anything. They are fragile. They are worried because they have little things or they have trouble with others.

5, sex: become cold, even indifferent, met his wife or girlfriend no longer have sweet talk, when they try to approach him, he feels unaccustomed to; even if the wife wears a sexy pajamas, eyes again languishing, he also Turn a blind eye, "sex" greatly reduced.

What does a man take for vacation? What kind of performance does a man have for vacation?

Men's four physiological cycles

1, a lifetime "cycle." After nearly 20 years of research, the relevant scholars, around the age of 40 years, men's hormone levels began to decline, and dropped by about 10% every 10 years. At the same time, depression often comes along with the decline in strength, endurance, energy, memory, and even height, all of which are symptoms of this change. This symptom is often referred to as "male menopause Period." At this time, you need to pay attention to: The wife's care, right in the "male menstruation "Whether or not her husband is depressed is critical. In addition, the level of nutrition, whether it is often work out It will also affect the sooner or later of men's menopause.

2, the annual "cycle." Experts point out that male hormone levels will change with the seasons. In the spring, this is usually considered to be the “seasonal fluctuations” of men, but it is the low male hormone levels in men in a year. Studies have shown that the month of high frequency of sexual activity is October, that is, male hormones began to surge in the fall. When you sow in the fall, people’s offspring will have a warmth and food Abundant summer, so that you can grow as soon as possible. Fall is a good conception period if you plan to have children.

What does a man take for vacation? What kind of performance does a man have for vacation?

3. Monthly "cycle". Men who have a clear "menstruation" experience are likely to be affected by his wife's "menstrual cycle." In other words, men tend to adjust their behavior to comply with the wife's hormone cycle. You need to pay attention: If your husband's performance in sexual life is not satisfied with you, then don't just complain. Maybe it's just one more eye. DD Is he under too much pressure?

4, the daily "cycle." Some experts believe that men's "menstrual period" has two levels per day: one is that in the early morning, the level of male hormone is higher than that of night, for example, a health The younger men get up early in the morning when the level of androgen is between 800 D and 1000 nanograms, compared to only 400 nanograms at night when they sleep. The other is that every 15D20 minutes, the male hormone level will experience a peak. This test data was uncovered a few years ago news The answers to a survey report widely reported by the community DD man's sexual imagination usually occurs once in 15D20 minutes.

Men's mood changes are sometimes very large, so if you find that there are such men around you, be sure to give them more tolerance and care so that they can spend their vacation more quickly.

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