Four major causes of male libido

Cause male Low libido has many factors, such as chronic disease , mental and psychological factors, drug factors, and low levels of male hormones, among which mental and psychological factors dominate.

What are the causes of low male sexual desire? Why do people with low sexual desire have low sexual desire?

The Men's reason for low sexual desire

First, major stress is the first to bear, bad personal habits can not be ignored

Psychological pressure. The fast pace of modern life, fierce competition, high work pressure, and complex interpersonal relationships create great psychological pressure on adult males, and in particular make the psychological quality more fragile and stressful, resulting in anxiety, depression, and repetitive psychological disorders. Interfere with the function of the cerebral cortex, leading to low libido. For this group of people, we should give more spiritual care while emphasizing female Spouse in treatment The positive role.

Second, low levels of androgen

Androgens not only maintain male spermatogenesis and secondary sexual characteristics, but also improve the excitability of the cerebral cortical center, stimulate sexual desire, and produce sexual responses. Low levels of androgens can directly lead to low male libido and, in some cases, erectile dysfunction.

"In recent years clinical In practice, it has been found that the levels of estrogen in many men are getting higher and higher, and some are even 2-3 times higher than normal. "Zhou Shaohu disclosed that this "status quo" has even formed a trend of youthfulness." Sexual dysfunction Or infertility is in the 40-year-old middle Seniors There are more and more young people in their 30s. ”

The increase in estrogen levels in men is mainly due to environmental pollution and illegal practices. food Additives are related to a bad lifestyle. “Pesticides, fertilizers, various pesticides, plastics, rubber products, waste gas, waste residues, etc. These toxic and harmful substances are absorbed by crops, from poultry and livestock to humans’ savings. Because of the chemical structure of these substances and the female Hormone structure is very close, so the level of estrogen that accumulates in the body is also getting higher and higher."

What are the causes of low male sexual desire? Why do people with low sexual desire have low sexual desire?

Third, chronic diseases make "liberty" decline

Severe systemic acute and chronic diseases (such as cancer And hypotension, and cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes ) can lead to low male sexual desire. Chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic renal failure, congestive heart failure, etc. can also destroy the normal hormonal metabolism, slow down the flow of blood in the body (also including the flow in the penis), or immediately No sex. There are other conditions, such as thyroid or pituitary secretion disorders (the pituitary gland controls the body's secretion of a variety of hormones, including sex hormones) can lead to loss of libido.

Fourth, drugs

Many drugs have a direct relationship with low sexual desire, such as antipsychotic drugs, antihypertensive drugs (respirene, blood pressure spirit, spironolactone, etc.), hormone drugs (estrogen, anti-androgen drugs), etc. You can communicate with the relevant specialists to adjust the type and dosage of the medication.

What are the causes of low male sexual desire? Why do people with low sexual desire have low sexual desire?

Add three types of nutrients to increase libido

1, protein

What you eat at breakfast is enough to determine your mood in the evening. If you are rich in protein, breakfast can provide your body with the energy you need to stably and gently, so that your physical fitness can reach its maximum limit. Milk, yogurt, and eggs are excellent choices.

2, vitamin B

Also known as anti-stress vitamins, it converts sugar into energy, adapting the body and mind to disease, stress, and lack of sleep. If the intake is insufficient, it can cause irritability, nervousness, and tiredness, leading to low sexual desire. Yeast and malt are rich in vitamin B, but they may cause allergic reactions. They are not as good as brown rice, sesame oil, chestnuts, kidney beans, pork, and fatty liver.

3, vitamin C

Sexuality comes mainly from the base of the brain, where the gonad stimulates hormone production, which is the pituitary gland. According to experiments conducted by the lab on rabbits, the pituitary gland was filled with vitamin C before sexual intercourse. After sexual intercourse, everything was consumed. Citrus fruits are not the only source of vitamin C. Cabbage, tomatoes, radishes, potatoes, red and green peppers, and pumpkins are all rich in vitamin C. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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