These 10 are menopausal treatment methods

Men have always been regarded as the incarnation of the strong. Under the dual responsibility of the family and society, many men suffer from stress and overstretch their physical strength, but their bodies are unknowingly knocked down. Especially after entering the age of 40, many functions of the body entered the recession period, some psychological and physiological changes occurred, and the "menopause" was quietly approaching. So do you know what menopausal treatment is there?

Men's menopause how to treat what men's menopause treatment men's menopause eat

Male menopause treatment

Less worry, more laughter

Men need to take care of the family and work hard. Under the pressure of life, it is easy to produce anxiety and depression. More years of men Psychological state. A study in the United States shows that about 70% of men suffer from "hidden depression", such as insomnia, loss of appetite, and lack of energy.

The best medicine for relieving anxiety is laughter. A number of studies have shown that laughter can make the brain produce more endorphins, happy hormones that can make people more active, more outward and more gregarious. And laughter can relax and help improve heart function, promote blood circulation and enhance immunity.

It is suggested that male compatriots should learn simple and simple things from their children and learn something sensual and interesting from women.

Smoke less and drink more

Many men are accustomed to smoking and refreshing, but medicine has long proved that smoking is harmful to the human body. It is closely related to the pathogenesis of lung cancer and kidney cancer, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and even erectile dysfunction.

If you are sleepy and tired, you may wish to have a cup of green tea to refresh yourself. It is rich in vitamin C, chlorophyll, amino acids, tea polyphenols, etc. It can eliminate harmful free radicals, and it has obvious effects on high blood pressure, heart and high cholesterol, etc. prevention effect.

A test for men in the University of Basel, Switzerland, found that drinking green tea will increase brain plasticity and improve short-term memory in the short term.

Less dwelling, more hobbies

Nowadays, the network is convenient and the information is unobstructed. More and more men choose “home” at home, besides eating, they are facing the computer and the mobile phone. A number of psychological studies have found that it is easy for the “nazi” to deviate from the real society, develop negative thinking patterns and bad personality characteristics, and even trigger depression. For middle-aged men with high pressure, they should find some leisure-time hobbies and enjoyment. In the suburbs, mountain climbing, dancing, or playing with flowers are all preserved. health Mentality of "vitamins". When a person concentrates on his own interests, he or she will unwittingly move away from the real environment and feel relaxed and pure time.

One night less entertainment, one night reading

Men are socially obliged to socialize in social life, and most of them are arranged at night. But dinner is too greasy food It will lead to feeding and it will lead to obesity more easily. High cholesterol , high blood pressure and other issues. It is advisable that male compatriots, if necessary, entertain at noon as much as possible and ensure that they eat at home at least half of the week. At night time, a good book can be read. A study conducted by the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom found that among various decompression methods, the best reading effect was to reduce the stress level by 68% within 6 minutes. When reading, people's thoughts will be concentrated in the text, so that the physical and mental tension can be relaxed.

Men's menopause how to treat what men's menopause treatment men's menopause eat

One hour less in the light, one hour more in daylight

The How to treat male menopause ? Many men stay indoors most of the time and sedentary has become the norm. The study found that participants sitting for more than 11 hours were 12% more likely to die prematurely than people sitting less than 4 hours a day. death The danger increased by 27%. cancer Mortality increased by 20%.

For men, long-term sitting can make the testicular temperature too high, affecting sperm Produce and mature, but also lead to prostate Obstruction of glandular ducts and poor secretion of glandular fluid. Therefore, if you sit for 40 minutes, you need to get up and go. The weather is good enough to go outside and enjoy the sun.

Chinese medicine has the saying "take the Japanese essence", often the sun will speed up blood circulation, promote the formation of vitamin D and calcium absorption, can kill a variety of viruses, bacteria and so on. In addition, researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark found that sun exposure can increase male androgen levels and increase the success rate of conception.

Less to attend a banquet and one more time with family

Wine is a man's friend, but it is also a healthy killer. World Health Organization statistics show that 60 diseases are caused by unhealthy drinking. And the prostate is very sensitive to alcohol, often followed by "drunk."

It is advisable to eat some staple foods before drinking. It is best to choose a low degree and control the amount. The boozy feast will be turned off and free time will be spent with family members. When you encounter unpleasant things in your work, life, and interpersonal relationships, you can communicate and talk with your family to gain understanding and support.

The Watch one hour less TV and one hour more sleep

If you sit and watch TV for a long time, symptoms such as lower back pain and cervical discomfort are prone to occur. Moreover, watching television is passively accepted information, lack of active participation, the chance of suffering from Alzheimer's disease will increase for a long time. Men who are accustomed to stay up all night are advised to turn off the TV early.

As the saying goes, sleep before you sleep. Half an hour before bedtime to get rid of all distractions, you can bathe your feet, drink a glass of milk and so on. The sleep cycle is adjusted by dimming the light before going to bed and increasing the brightness in the morning. If you do not sleep enough, do not wait until the weekend to make up your mind. It is best to take a nap during the afternoon.

Eat less meat and eat more

Men generally prefer meat, but excessive intake will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, leading to increased uric acid, gout, obesity, blood clots, etc. Bolivian Americans refer to cardiovascular disease as "male disease" because they find that they are forty or fifty years old. Most men "carry" a book on the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

Therefore, men must control their mouths, eat more vegetables, and control the proportion of meat and vegetables between 13 and 14. Because vegetarian diets can change the disadvantages of eating too much saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, it makes up for the lack of dietary fiber and certain water-soluble vitamins in foraging.

A survey of more than 450,000 volunteers in Europe found that the average daily intake of people with more than 569 grams of fruit and vegetables was less than 249 grams, the risk of premature death was reduced by 10%, and the life expectancy was extended by more than one year. .

Men's menopause how to treat what men's menopause treatment men's menopause eat

One hour in the car, one hour more on foot

A study published in the British Medical Journal found that people who use public transport frequently compared to those who drive to work, such as cycling or walking to work, lose 6 pounds less and have less fat. The car has brought more and more "car disease", such as sedentary, cervical and low back pain. Therefore, you should drive less and take steps. Harvard University study found that walking one hour a day can reduce the risk of colon cancer. Moreover, brisk walking can significantly delay the deterioration of prostate cancer and regulate hormone levels.

Less one hour to work overtime, one hour to the hospital

Medical studies have shown that long hours of overtime work can lead to physiological symptoms such as elevated blood pressure, gastrointestinal discomfort, insomnia, and dreaminess. At the same time, people feel bored. Men should learn to self-adjust, rest on rest. It is advisable to have a physical examination twice a year after the age of 50, including blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose. The U.S. Institute of Urology recommends that men between 50 and 75 years of age undergo a prostate antigen blood test and digital rectal examination every year, and regularly supplement and update blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood glucose, as well as changes in weight, waist circumference, exercise, and diet. .

What does men eat during menopause?

1, to eat more foods to enhance the function of the gonads, because when the gonad function is improved, can fundamentally reduce the menopausal symptoms, so often used in clinical treatment with male hormones or testosterone and other drugs. Foods that can enhance gonad function include shrimp, mussels, mutton, goat kidney, sparrow, leeks, and walnuts. From China's therapeutic treasure trove can be used: lamb porridge Pork, cistanche stewed lamb, mutton burst lamb, Cordyceps sinensis duck, shrimp fried leeks, walnuts fried leeks, sparrow porridge, five plus wolfberry, ginseng wine, a product such as yam. All of the above foods have a good effect on improving and enhancing gonadal function.

2, should eat more foods that help improve the nervous system function and cardiovascular function, these foods can help calm the heart and relieve symptoms of the nervous system and cardiovascular disease. Such foods are sheep heart, pig heart, squid, yam, walnut, jujube, longan, mulberry, wolfberry and sunflower seeds. From China's therapeutic treasure house can be used: rice wine Walnut mud soup, wolfberry cake, reference date meal, mulberry honey cream, walnut porridge, candied longan, yam milk oysters, rose roasted sheep heart and so on. The above various foods have good results in treating headaches, dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and cool tingling of hands and feet.

3, in the diet on weekdays, but also pay attention to the balance of the diet, eat moderate amounts of fresh coarse grains, potatoes and beans, and there should be rich in fresh vegetables and fruits to prevent the lack of various vitamins and trace elements. (Reference website: Minfu Kang)

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