Men suffering from sexual dysfunction do not be afraid of it is the treatment of good medicine!

In life, there are many food male After eating will play aphrodisiac role, for example, the most common jujube, wolfberry, etc., have a certain Health health care effect . Recently, some experts pointed out that men are suffering from it Sexual dysfunction , So eat jujube actually there will be treatment The effect of this is true?

What is sexual dysfunction How to treat sexual dysfunction What to eat

The company is located in: 1. Jujube can cure sexual dysfunction

The company is located in: clinical Used to treat men Premature ejaculation And erection is not strong there are many drugs, curative effects vary, and some expensive drugs, so many people too much. As everyone knows, in daily life, there are many on the sexual function problems have the effect of complementary food, known as the jujube is one of them.

Jujube is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, lysine, arginine and other amino acids, as well as calcium, iron and other 36 trace elements. Jujube also contains triterpenoids, with anti-fatigue effect, can enhance endurance. In addition, it is rich in cyclic adenosine monophosphate, this substance has the role of dilation of blood vessels, not only can improve the nutritional status of the heart, but also improve penile blood supply and increase the hardness of the erection.

What is sexual dysfunction How to treat sexual dysfunction What to eat

The company is located in: 2. Vitamins E Can improve sexual function

Like the immune system, our sexual system also needs a balanced diet, one of the most important being zinc. If zinc is deficient, sex hormones will be reduced in both men and women, organ development was significantly delayed. The blood contains moderate concentrations of zinc, the penile erection, Ejaculation Status, sexual intercourse times will be significantly improved.

Adequate vitamin E and protein, but also to maintain adult genital lubrication, sexual attitudes and positive factors. The study found that vegetarians due to inadequate intake of protein in the diet, less secretion of testosterone, which will directly affect their later years of life.

What is sexual dysfunction How to treat sexual dysfunction What to eat

In addition, a survey of "European ED Research Centers" in Paris found that 53% of people with organic ED problems had long-term smoking habits, and their arterial blood vessels were severely damaged thereby causing an erection problem.

In fact, according to Xiaobian understand, men's sexual dysfunction or there are many more good treatment methods, such as diet therapy. Usually eat some foods rich in protein, such as poultry meat, etc., in addition, you should also try to give the body to add a lot of vitamins and trace elements, such as hawthorn tomatoes, etc. to eat more.

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