Bad breath how to prevent recommended 8 coup

Mostly there Bad breath People will not detect their own smell. This is because, Oral Behind the soft palate part with the nasal cavity together, the nose can not smell the smell produced behind the mouth. Therefore, without waiting for others to endure your complaint, the easiest way to judge is to moisten your palms or smell the residual fouling of the floss. You can also use a cotton swab, a toothpick or a small spoon to scrape the tongue or teeth. So, how to do oral health, so halitosis no longer interfere with you?

How to prevent bad breath How to prevent bad breath Good bad breath what are the reasons

how is it prevention Bad breath

1, chewing parsley

The celery into the mouth slowly chewing, most help to eliminate the smell of the mouth, especially smoke. If you can not find the hand of parsley, parsley, peppermint can also play the role of oral odor.

2, yogurt

Yokohama, Japan Tsurumi University research shows that daily adhere to yogurt can reduce oral hydrogen sulfide content, this substance is the culprit mouth odor. However, only natural yogurt has this effect , Sugary yogurt can not achieve this effect.

3, frequently brushing tongue

After brushing, apply a brush to the surface of the tongue. US dental experts suggest that brushing the tongue with baking soda can quickly remove the toxic acidic substances that cause bad breath in the mouth, throat and even the stomach.

4, at least twice a day oral "cleaning"

More than sooner or later, after lunch, it is best to "brush" a tooth; brush your teeth no longer eat anything; brush your teeth, the toothpaste foam, more in the mouth for a while, can achieve better antibacterial effect.

How to prevent bad breath How to prevent bad breath Good bad breath what are the reasons

5, insist on a tooth wash half a year

Even if we brush our teeth every day, gargle, still inevitable dental plaque and calculus will exist, to a certain extent, can cause gingivitis, periodontitis, which are caused by bad breath, an important reason

6, eat millet

US nutrition experts suggest, health cereals food Millet can reduce oral bacterial growth, prevent bad breath better.

7, drink lemonade

many Drink water Can keep the mouth often wet. In the water with a lemon, can stimulate the secretion of saliva and reduce the residual due to nasal congestion, dry mouth or mouth food Produced by anaerobic bacteria bad breath.

8, big mouth to drink green tea

British experts suggest: "Some people chewing gum when the bad breath, doing so will increase the sulfide content." And big mouth to drink green tea to better deal with these oral bacteria, green tea, catechins can neutralize the mouth The smell Tea chewing may be better. Use the tea leaves blister After opening, remove the chewing 1 minute after vomiting, repeated 3 times.

How to prevent bad breath How to prevent bad breath Good bad breath what are the reasons

Bad breath three major reasons

1, food sex

In general, the degree of bad breath varies with the type of food consumed, directly proportional to the amount of food consumed, and inversely proportional to the time of eating. The first is garlic onion, garlic, garlic, garlic, leek, green onion, onion and so on. Followed by foul font food, stinky melon, stinky milk rot and so on. There are other salty goods, salty fishy after eating. After drinking alcohol strange odor, disgusting, but drunk also talkative often out of control, the big disappointment.

2, habitual

Bad oral hygiene habits, habitual constipation, tooth gap food residues are not cleared in time will also bad breath. Too little water can also bad breath.

3, pathogenic

Such as lung abscess, uremia and many other serious illness, in urgent need of medical treatment, not repeat them here. There are untreated tooth decay, periodontitis and tartar, chronic sinusitis, chronic atrophic rhinitis, severe indigestion and irregular menstruation, will make people have different levels of bad breath. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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