Prostatitis can exercise it? Recommended several exercise therapy

The company is located in: prostate Yan is male A common type of prostate disease . prostatitis symptom The emergence of the patient's life, work, etc. will have a certain degree of impact. For this prostatitis patients need to arrive earlier hospital Prostatitis treatment . For prostatitis disease, experts advise patients to receive treatment at the same time, in life can also be appropriate health care, adjuvant treatment of disease. So suffering from prostatitis can exercise it?

患有前列腺炎能运动吗 男人患前列腺炎怎么治 男人患前列腺炎可以运动吗

Experts suggest that patients may wish to consider running, walking, tennis, swimming. These few exercise intensity is small, and will not cause harm to the prostate, therefore, can be used as a prostatitis recovery sports. Which is reasonable health of work out Not only contribute to the treatment of the disease, but also can enhance the patient's own immunity. Sports can make people wholeheartedly, to help alleviate stress, anxiety, stress and so on. Mental stress is also a major burden on patients with chronic prostatitis. Tension, anxiety and other emotions have been alleviated, the rehabilitation of prostatitis great benefit. Physical exercise can also be eliminated due to chronic prostatitis caused by various manifestations, such as backache, abdominal pain and nerve Various symptoms of weakness. But exercise can not be too violent. Experts remind that if excessive exercise, resulting in physical failure, the patient and illness recovery is not good, you can increase the amount of exercise stepwise.

The company is located in: Walking: Because of the small vertical movement of the body, the bouncing and massaging effects are noticeably diminished, so the exercise is good for the prostate, but not for running. Swimming: basically the body as a whole in the horizontal direction of movement, legs folder water action, to pelvic floor muscles, enhance the bouncing effect of the prostate, it is not as good as promenade promenade maintenance it.

The company is located in: Play tennis It requires the venue, at the same time, it is also a sport with a large amount of exercise, which is difficult for the elderly to implement. Running gland effect is good: moderate exercise on the protection of the prostate obvious effect, but and walking, swimming, tennis, compared to run the effect is good. This is closely related to the location of the prostate.

患有前列腺炎能运动吗 男人患前列腺炎怎么治 男人患前列腺炎可以运动吗

The prostate is located in the bottom of the pelvis, above the bladder, below the urethra, in front of the pubis, behind the rectum. Prostate left and right, by many ligaments and fascial fixation, which determines its position hidden and relatively fixed features. Therefore, running can not be excessive, according to their own physical strength, grasp the speed, time and distance.

Prostatitis exercise therapy:

The company is located in: method one, Male patients with prostatitis removed squatting or lateral flexion position, then clean the anus and rectal lower extremity, with their own middle finger or index finger to press the prostate gland, the method with the former, each massage for five minutes to have each time Prostatic fluid is better discharged from the urethra.

The company is located in: Method Two, Patients take the chest knee supine or lateral position, the doctor with the index finger along the anterior rectal wall reach the prostate, according to the order from the outside up inward and downward gently press the prostate in the order, and Zhu Huanzhe make mentioning action, so that the prostatic fluid Excretion of urethra, and immediately urinate.

患有前列腺炎能运动吗 男人患前列腺炎怎么治 男人患前列腺炎可以运动吗

The company is located in: Method three, Male patients massage kneeling Yin Lingquan, take the posture, around the thumb rubbing two hundred under their own power to withstand the degree. Followed by the red door, take the station position, fist around with both hands at the acupuncture points at the same time, probably we often say the groin, not necessarily too precise, percussion efforts from light to heavy, a total of two hundred.

The company is located in: Method four, Jogging exercise can also promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation of prostatitis sites. Male patients daily jogging in the early morning or evening half an hour, for the rehabilitation of prostatitis is of great help.

The company is located in: Tips: No matter what kind of prostatitis patients choose exercise, after exercise, should add more water. Experts explain, because exercise, with the loss of sweat, urine will be concentrated, resulting in increasing the burden on the prostate. Therefore, drink plenty of water, urinating more, can help solve this problem, but also can discharge more toxins. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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