Memories do not how to do these tips to help you maintain the “strongest brain”

When a person reaches a certain age, part of the body's system functions will decline. Not only will the body's immunity diminish, but people's memory will not begin to work. In particular, some people who over-use their brains often forget the things they forget. Things may have finished, but forgetting what they have done is all too common.

记忆力不行怎么办 记忆力衰退吃什么好 怎么防止记忆力衰退

The company is located in: So how can we prevent our memory from recession?

To ensure adequate sleep time

Now many young people like to stay up late, the night as a daytime, so the body is not good, not only will bring great side effects to the body, so that disease It's easier to "get home," and your brain often "crashes" without adequate sleep time. Memory loss is normal. Therefore, to ensure adequate sleep time, let the brain get enough rest time, so that the brain of the "garbage residue" in time to discharge.

The company is located in: To avoid excessive brain before going to sleep

Many people like to play games on their cellphones before going to bed or see some puzzle items, but it does not help to overuse the brain at bedtime. Not only will make the cerebral cortex more active, always maintain the tension, it is easy to do some strange dream . Therefore, it is best to prohibit all the activities before going to bed jump, try to avoid entertainment ktv call and other activities.

记忆力不行怎么办 记忆力衰退吃什么好 怎么防止记忆力衰退

The company is located in: Take time out to yourself

Nowadays people's life is very fast paced, both physically and mentally. It seems that they always maintain a high degree of tension, and spend a lot of time and energy on some external things. Their private time is actually very small. Therefore, it is best to leave a little time every day for yourself, half an hour, emptying or meditation are good, proper meditation can help you improve your cognitive and mental, reduce the burden of aging to ease the pressure too much. People who think they are mentally tired can meditate for a while and give their brains "a fuck."

The company is located in: Pay attention to work and rest do not be too tired

It is best to stop, transfer and divert your attention if one thing is done for a long time or not. If you do not allow your brain to work slowly for long periods of time, you may experience slow reactions and proper relaxation may also allow you to eye Get a rest At this time you can choose to go out to bask in the sun, vitamin D can help you improve the flexibility of the head, for those with poor memory is very effective.

记忆力不行怎么办 记忆力衰退吃什么好 怎么防止记忆力衰退

The company is located in: Try to eat properly

Salt less sugar is necessary, but also try to treat nuts as snacks, fruits can, is to eat less garbage food , So that antioxidants in nutrients to help your brain to maintain the old "glory", anti-aging. But nuts can not eat, try to eat a little like every day, to supplement the nutrition needs, to avoid excessive accumulation of nutrients. The company is located in: (99 health Net ( Zhuangao, reprint, please indicate the source. )

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