Men have natural enemies how to determine the difference between phimosis and prepuce

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1, hinder the development of the penis, resulting in short penis.

男人包皮过长怎么回事 如何判断包茎 包皮过长和包茎有哪些区别

2, easily lead to painful sexual intercourse, difficulties, which in turn lead to men Sexual dysfunction .

3, easily lead to genitourinary infections ( Foreskin dermatitis , Balanitis, urethritis, etc.).

4, easy to cause male Infertility, caused by smear infection prostate Inflammation, lower sperm Activity and semen The viscosity can cause infertility.

5, easily lead to penile necrosis, penile lesions.

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1, the foreskin is rich in sebaceous glands, can secrete large amounts of sebum.

男人包皮过长怎么回事 如何判断包茎 包皮过长和包茎有哪些区别

2, phimosis or foreskin is too long, so that the secretion of the foreskin within the sebaceous glands can not be discharged, sebum and urine sediment synthesis cheese-like smelly "smegma."

3, smegma suitable for bacterial growth, it can cause inflammation of the penis head and foreskin.

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Foreskin surgery environment (4 photos) symptom Refers to the foreskin cap did not urethra, but can turn up and exposed urethra and penis head. Pediatric foreskin is too long to pay attention to maintaining local hygiene, regular or daily cleaning foreskin scale, so as to prevent the occurrence of penis head inflammation.

If the glans penis often have inflammatory stimuli, make the foreskin mouth narrow and adhesions with the penis to form acquired phimosis. The foreskin is usually long without surgery treatment , When there is a long prepuce with phimosis need surgical treatment.

男人包皮过长怎么回事 如何判断包茎 包皮过长和包茎有哪些区别

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Symptoms of phimosis penis foreskin is narrow, so that the foreskin can not flip the penis head revealed. Sub-congenital and acquired two kinds. Congenital phimosis means baby Adhesion between the foreskin and the penis head at birth, gradually absorbed after several months adhesion, the foreskin and the penis head separation.

Mostly boy Subcortical and penis head separation can be continued until adolescence, with the development of the penis and erection, the foreskin can shrink back on themselves to reveal the glans penis head.

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To determine how the child is considered a prepuce or how kind phimosis, as long as parents turn over the child's foreskin can be opened and exposed the urethra and the penis is the foreskin is too long, if the foreskin can not open and reveal the penis The head is the phimosis.

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