What are the symptoms of osteoporosis which should pay attention to these points

The company is located in: With the growth of age, many people will face the problem of bone, especially some middle-aged male , Bone loss of calcium is worth attention. The incidence of osteoporosis is high, and the harm is not small, so the elderly can best recognize the signal of osteoporosis, do a good job prevention Measures.

骨质疏松的症状有哪些 怎么预防骨质疏松 骨质疏松该怎么预防

So what are the signs of osteoporosis?

The body's ability to reduce activity

When you want to activity, you may feel that your body joints are not as flexible as before, and your body will feel discomfort when you want to stretch. You will feel tired and will not feel very agile if you do not move for a while. This time try to avoid wrestling, or very easy to hurt.

The company is located in: Figure will be reduced, or even humpbacked

Because osteoporosis can cause your spine to be compressed and deformed, but also to bend forward, this will appear to become shorter and taller. This is why many elderly people are still shorter than when they were young, and even when young, they did not have humpbacked but humpbacked.

骨质疏松的症状有哪些 怎么预防骨质疏松 骨质疏松该怎么预防

The company is located in: It's easy to fall over

Because osteoporosis can cause the patient's body to reduce the sensitivity of the pain, and the sensitivity of the physical condition has become poor, some people have fractures, and I do not know. If not go in time treatment If so, it is easy to delay the treatment. Therefore, we must pay attention to prevent falling, but also the best to fall timely medical treatment.

The company is located in: Often feel bones pain

Mainly the back of the pain-based, and spread to both sides, can not sedentary for a long time or stand, do not know how to ease, and go to bed After the pain will not be reduced, or even worse.

骨质疏松的症状有哪些 怎么预防骨质疏松 骨质疏松该怎么预防

So if you find yourself having the above symptom If so, the best time to seek medical treatment, or do some health care measures. You can start from the diet, eat some rich in protein food , Or some calcium-rich foods, poultry meat, beans, fish, shrimp, milk and other foods are a good choice. But remember to reduce salt intake, to prevent the loss of calcium, should pay attention to supplement magnesium and manganese elements.

Feel that eating those foods more solemn, you can try some therapeutic methods. Mulberry beef bone soup, soy pork bone soup, shrimp tofu soup are all good therapeutic side, cooking is also relatively simple, suitable The elderly Taking, and the nutrition inside can help to promote the growth of bones and supplement the nutrition needed by the bones, which can help you to prevent osteoporosis and prevent the aging of your bones.

Especially for some middle-aged and elderly people, whether men or not female , All need to pay special attention to their own physical condition, when the physical function is unprecedented, it is best to pay more attention to their own body changes, thus preventing disease The production. The company is located in: (99 health Network (www.99.com.cn) Zhuangao, reprint, please indicate the source. )

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