Men’s balanitis four hazards prevention and care can not be less

Balanitis this disease In the modern life is still relatively common, many people therefore feel very puzzled, after all, modern people's awareness of health has also increased a lot, mainly because of the factors that cause balanitis more, it is difficult to avoid one hundred percent , Then what is the risk of suffering from balanitis?

龟头炎的危害有哪些 龟头炎的注意事项有哪些 怎么预防龟头炎

The company is located in: Balanitis harm is still a lot of common are:

The company is located in: 1, resulting in infertility : Due to the hidden secretions of the foreskin during sexual intercourse and semen Into the vagina together, reducing the quality of semen, and destruction of sperm cells, leading to infertility.

The company is located in: 2, endanger the reproductive system health : Foreskin balanitis easily lead to prostate Inflammation, orchitis, epididymitis, vas deferens and other organs of inflammation. If not timely and effective treatment , Combined with infection, will cause great harm to reproductive health.

The company is located in: 3, triggering urinary system diseases: Foreskin balanitis is also easy to cause urinary tract upside infection, more common in cystitis, nephritis, pyelonephritis, etc., the incidence of acute illnesses can be life-threatening.

The company is located in: 4, lead Sexual dysfunction : Foreskin glans inflammation, glans Ministry of the sensor nerve Inflammation damage, making male Easy to live in sex Premature ejaculation , Which led to Impotence happened.

The company is located in: How to prevent balanitis work

1, there is inflammation to be treated in time:

Experts said that if the couple suffered from a sexual organ disease to suspend sexual life, timely treatment, until the time of recovery before sexual life, such as suffering from Trichomonas or Candida albicans infection to be treated at the same time couples.

The company is located in: 2, daily life Note:

For male friends, diet in daily life to light, should not eat spicy food, pay attention to rest, should not be tired, for the acute foreskin balanitis to avoid the use of corticosteroid ointment, so as not to cause more serious infections.

龟头炎的危害有哪些 龟头炎的注意事项有哪些 怎么预防龟头炎

The company is located in: 3, after the illness must be good care:

And then, male friends if the formation of ulcers or erosion to dressing, the dressing 2 times a day to avoid discomfort. Regularly clean the foreskin and glans head, keep the prepuce clean and dry. Avoid dirty sex life, clean themselves. Do not blindly medication, pay attention to personal hygiene, especially local cleanliness, regularity of life, light diet, drink plenty of water, avoid spicy spicy food.

The company is located in: Balanitis pay attention to what matters.

1, to avoid unclean intercourse, clean themselves.

2, select the appropriate loose underwear and pants, male friends weekdays should choose appropriate suitable loose underwear and pants, to avoid excessive pressure on the genitalia, the genitalia in a cool and comfortable environment.

3, pay attention to the glans and foreskin hygiene, as a male key positions, must be treated with care. Male friends in their daily lives to pay attention to local health, daily cleaning the glans and foreskin, such as phimosis should be treated, for circumcision if necessary, promptly clean smegma is necessary, remove the incidence of balanitis source.

龟头炎的危害有哪些 龟头炎的注意事项有哪些 怎么预防龟头炎

4, allergic constitution should pay attention to avoid drug stimulation, some men are allergic to the specific drug allergy, may cause allergic foreskin balanitis. Experts advise, daily life must avoid contact with such drugs, before eating certain drugs also have to inform the doctor, to avoid accidents.

5, pay attention to eating habits and good sleep, due to men's social and family responsibilities and pressure, spicy food to stimulate a pressure excretion, staying up late and black and white life turned into a choice of life. Therefore, in the schedule of life, male friends must pay attention to diet as light, eat less spicy food, and pay attention to rest and adequate sleep, to avoid over exertion.

6, one side of the husband and wife suffering from organ diseases should be treated promptly, experts advise, if one side of the couple suffering from sexually transmitted diseases to suspend sexual life, and promptly to the regular hospital for timely treatment, such as suffering from Trichomonas or Candida albicans infection to the couple at the same time treatment , To avoid being infected after being cured, responsible for their own health and responsible for their spouse. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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