Men also have menopause to see these symptoms you have it

In the case of clinical Often encounter some 50 years old or so male Patients, readme in recent years, low libido, erectile dysfunction, or even erection, a serious impact on sexual life. They generally think they are suffering Sexual dysfunction , In fact, many people are due to male menopausal syndrome caused.

男性更年期症状 男性更年期什么症状 男性更年期有何症状

Speaking of menopause, it seems to be female Of the patent, is the female by menstrual disorders and even menstrual cessation menopause Period) as the standard. And men generally do not have a clear "absolute fine period", it seems difficult to determine whether menopause. In fact, 1939 Istanbul psychologist Heller has first proposed the "male menopause" word, but eventually in 1994, the Austrian Society of Urology, "middle-aged male androgen partial lack of sign", the "male menopause" was the medical profession accept. In recent years, male science for male menopause and "male never menstruation "Androgen deficiency", "delayed gonadal dysfunction" and other references, but not as "male menopause" more easy to understand.

Male menopause symptom

In general, the clinical symptoms of menopausal syndrome have the following performance.

Psychiatric symptoms

The patient is mainly nerve allergy Emotions, irritability, irritability, irritability, love temper, burnout, often depression, memory, thinking and attention loss, sleep reduction, loss of interest, low mood, slow response, and often accompanied by anxiety, fear, Loneliness, lack of self-confidence, easy to be trivial and so on.

2. autonomic dysfunction

Patient manifestations in the autonomic nervous system symptoms are mainly cardiovascular system symptoms, such as palpitations, precordial discomfort, or blood pressure fluctuations, dizziness, tinnitus, hot sweat out; gastrointestinal symptoms, such as loss of appetite, abdominal distension boring, stool When the secret when the vent; neurasthenia performance, such as insomnia, less sleepy more dream , Easy to wake up, memory loss, forgetfulness, unresponsive, low efficiency.

男性更年期症状 男性更年期什么症状 男性更年期有何症状

3. sexual dysfunction symptoms

Most men have a clinical manifestation of sexual dysfunction, such as decreased libido, or simply no sexual desire; a small number of patients before sexual desire reduction, a short period of sexual excitability hyperthyroidism, but soon become a recession; there are a few Patients with sexual sensory abnormalities, with sexual desire can be reduced, may have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, dream, skins and other symptoms. Among them, menopausal erectile dysfunction is one of the most common clinical manifestations.

4. Other somatic symptoms

Male menopausal syndrome in the physical aspects of the symptoms are more complex, involving the body of multiple systems, such as bone and joint pain, including Yaoxisuanruan, pain, lumbosacral, chest and back, heel pain, limb weakness, Osteoporosis, osteoporosis; urinary system symptoms, such as frequent urination, no increase in the number of nocturia, urinary drip, urine or different degrees of lower urinary tract obstruction symptoms; skin symptoms such as palms and foot hyperkeratosis , Femoral medial, scrotum, neck neurodermatitis, chronic eczema or psoriasis, scrotal damp or readme cold or itching.

For menopause, it is generally believed that the decrease in testosterone is the gold standard for the diagnosis of menopausal syndrome. It should be noted that, like women, not all men into menopause will appear after the clinical symptoms. According to statistics, 30% to 40% of middle-aged men may be different degrees of menopausal symptoms and signs.

男性更年期症状 男性更年期什么症状 男性更年期有何症状

How to see Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine without "male menopausal syndrome" name, according to its clinical characteristics, can be classified as "Khan" "virtual" "palpitations" "insomnia" "Yu Zheng" "impotence" "dirty impatient" and other areas The In the eight, eighty-eight, kidney qi, hair disheveled; sixty-eight, yang failure on the face, face coke, hair white; seven eight liver qi, tendons can not move; eight eight, Days of decoction, fine, kidney failure, the body are very "; also pointed out:" year forty and chi from half also, living up bad. Year fifty, weight, eyes are not busy. , Jiuqiao unfavorable, under the virtual on the real, sobbing all out.

"Thousands of gold wing side" mentioned: "more than fifty people, yang sunset, loss and day to, heart gradually back, forget the former lost ... ... heart bored, forgetful anger, emotional variation, food tasteless, Sleep disturbed.

What is men's menopause?

Western medicine generally used testosterone replacement therapy (TST), is considered to be a more effective treatment of menopausal syndrome, but there are also many controversy.

For the existence of a clear menopausal clinical symptoms of middle-aged men, and serum testosterone levels decreased, recommended direct testosterone replacement therapy, commonly used drugs for testosterone undecanoate capsules, the recommended dose of 80 mg orally, 2 times a day, the general recommended treatment At least 3 months.

Chinese medicine can also be used for syndrome differentiation treatment, kidney strong fine, blood circulation, Yang Xin Anshen is a commonly used treatment, clinical observation to achieve better results. Most of the patients in the treatment of about two months, male hormone gradually increased, many people testosterone returned to normal, the symptoms improved significantly, sexual function is also accompanied by increased.

Doctors in the clinical experience is that testosterone replacement therapy is to replace the testicular function, palliative, improper use may accelerate the decline of testicular function, as if poisonous thirst. While the traditional Chinese medicine conditioning can try to restore the function of the testis, thereby further improving sexual function and systemic symptoms. I also do not blindly exclude the use of testosterone, for some neurological disorders, depression, insomnia, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms seriously affect the quality of life, will also be used for short-term treatment with Chinese medicine, can quickly eliminate serious symptoms. (Reference site: Sohu)

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