Spermatorrhea is how the matter of male spermatorrhea self-therapy

In the case of Nocturnal emission Is male Sexual dysfunction The common disease One, which includes physiological spermatorrhea and pathologic spermatorrhea. If long-term frequent spermatorrhea, every day, or even a few times a night, there may be pathological. So what is the reason that leads to spermatorrhea?

男人遗精是怎么回事 导致男人遗精的原因有哪些 怎么治疗男人遗精

What is the matter of spermatorrhea?

The spermatorrhea can be divided into physiological and pathological nocturnal emission. Mainly from the age, physical condition, spermatorrhea when the penis erection, semen Quality, and spermatorrhea consciously symptom Up to identify.

Pathological spermatorrhea more common in the elderly, or lack of physical deficiencies. Physiological spermatorrhea more common in young adults, unmarried or married separation. body health , Energetic, or suffering from irritability, or tired of healthy people. Generally 2 weeks 1 or more time, more than the amount of semen and semen thick, nocturnal erectile erectile function is normal, not accompanied by other symptoms.

In the case of 1, physical factors: Supine sleep, bedding warm and heavy, stimulating, oppression of external genitalia, or wearing tights, bound to squeeze the erection of the penis, and induced spermatorrhea.

In the case of 2, inflammation stimulus: External genitalia and appendicitis, such as foreskin balanitis, prostate Inflammation, seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis and other stimuli and the occurrence of spermatorrhea.

In the case of 3, indulge in masturbation: Sexual intercourse, masturbation frequently Ejaculation Central was pathological excitement induced by spermatorrhea.

In the case of 4, fatigue: Excessive physical or mental work, so that the body tired, deep sleep, cerebral cortex under the central activities to strengthen the left spermatorrhea.

男人遗精是怎么回事 导致男人遗精的原因有哪些 怎么治疗男人遗精

In the case of 5, sexual stimulation Environmental impact: Yellow books or movies in the sexual stimulation of the lens to stimulate the brain, induced nocturnal emission.

In the case of 6, psychological factors: Due to the lack of sexual knowledge, sexual thoughts on the excessive concentration of sexual stimulation is easy to accept, so that the existence of sexual excitement of the cerebral cortex, which induced nocturnal emission.

In the case of In the case of Male spermatorrhea Self-therapy

Exquisite overflow is a natural physiological phenomenon. But if there are two or three days, that is, excessive spermatorrhea. Men can achieve self-physical therapy, or actively carry out the following four kinds of sports, you can achieve satisfactory results.

In the case of One, half squatting pile

In layman's terms, it is squatting. Men should be chest abdomen, waist straight, knees squat, eye Flat as the front, arms before the move, as if the same thing as a heavy effort to stretch forward. Knees in the same position to maintain the situation, as far as possible in the folder, so that the legs, lower abdomen and buttocks to maintain a high degree of tension, for half a minute after the recovery, take a break and repeat the practice. In general, every day and night are practicing, the specific number of times according to personal circumstances.

In the case of Second, supine abdomen

男人遗精是怎么回事 导致男人遗精的原因有哪些 怎么治疗男人遗精

Lying on the bed, arms on the move, straightened in the head. Upper body and legs at the same time quickly on the move, so that both hands and feet at the abdomen as much as possible touch each other. On the move when the breath, restore the inspiration. Daily morning and evening can be carried out once, each time to do twenty or thirty times.

In the case of Three, levator ani work out

Every night before going to sleep can be lying in bed contraction of the anus, feeling like holding stool, repeated 20-30 times. Contraction when deep breathing, relax when the breath, the action should be gentle and slow rhythm.

In the case of Fourth, massage therapy

Palm friction fever, in the waist to the sacrococcygeal up and down to push 100 times. Then, with your fingers to press the forearm of the door and the foot of the foot of the river, Zusanli points, each 1 minute. (Refer to website: family doctor online)

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