Men’s frigid 6 big motives provoke lust to point red wine

In the case of In the case of There are many reasons why men are frigid, and sometimes even disease One of the performance, especially some men, the original sexual desire is very strong, and later slowly weakened. Even the phenomenon of indifference, how is this one thing?

导致男人性冷淡的原因有哪些 什么食物可以帮助男人提高性欲 男人性冷淡怎么办

In the case of Men are cold Of the six reasons

1, sex organs disease:

Sexual organs can secrete male hormones, people produce sexual desire, sexual organs after sexual desire decreased male hormone secretion, sexual desire will be reduced, common organs of the disease are testicularitis, epididymitis and so on. Should be found early treatment , To prevent causing childbearing disorders.

In the case of 2, nerve mental illness:

Sexual desire by the nervous system, if the nervous system disease, will lose interest in sexual life, causing sexual apathy, common such diseases have neurasthenia, depression type Mental illness , Abnormal personality and so on.

In the case of 3, endocrine system diseases:

The relationship between sexual desire and endocrine system is very close, the endocrine system secrete a variety of hormones, can regulate human sexual function, endocrine system disease after the secretion of sex hormones less, people's sexual desire will be reduced, or even cold, common Of these diseases have hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, pituitary dysfunction and so on.

In the case of 4, liver disease:

Liver involved in the metabolism of human hormones, when the liver is damaged liver function, the men can reduce the body androgen, estrogen is relatively elevated, and even the man female The man 's sexual desire is diminishing. Common such diseases are hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer and so on.

In the case of 5, excessive use of alcohol and tobacco:

Nicotine in alcohol and alcohol in the wine, absorbed by the body after the inhibition of the body produce androgen, and can impede the passage of nerve reflex in sexual life, so that sexual function is reduced, resulting in frigidity. Therefore, the man to quit alcohol and tobacco or minimize the use of alcohol and tobacco, is to maintain the normal function of one of the measures.

导致男人性冷淡的原因有哪些 什么食物可以帮助男人提高性欲 男人性冷淡怎么办

In the case of 6, physical fatigue:

Life is not regular, can not rest on time, work too nervous, so that the body fatigue. The brain in order to maintain the best condition of the body, need to focus on the body to get rest, so the requirements of the reduction, so that the phenomenon of frigidity. So, even if the strong men, should also pay attention to appropriate rest, in order to maintain good sexual function.

In the case of In the case of What to eat can Improve sexual desire

1, chocolate

Chocolate is not just a happy one food , It is the best gift for lovers. Nutritionists believe that the ingredients contained in chocolate can stabilize the nerves and help open the senses, bring people relaxed, excited feeling, so that people look forward to the joy of both sexes.

2, red wine

Red wine by grape Brewed, endowed with the grape moisture juicy nature, slightly sweet, sour and spicy flavor. Chinese medicine stresses "Xin Gan Yang Yang, acid and yin yin", a glass of red wine into the abdomen, yin and yang two fill. The amount of red wine can promote the blood circulation to speed up the promotion of the release of energy in the body, allowing lovers to relax and enjoy a better night. With nutritious cheeses, it is really fun from the inside

In the case of 3, oysters

Fat oysters are the most familiar aphrodisiac food, Western men more angry oysters effect Believe it or not. The slippery oysters bring a subtle taste, which contains high concentrations of zinc, has been proven to be very helpful for synthetic male hormones Testosterone.

导致男人性冷淡的原因有哪些 什么食物可以帮助男人提高性欲 男人性冷淡怎么办

In the case of 4, asparagus

Many foods are known as "aphrodisiacs" because they are "shaped", asparagus is a very obvious example. However, modern research shows that it is not only similar shape, nutrition is also quite good. Asparagus is rich in vitamin E, can promote the secretion of sex hormones, healthy sexual life plays a vital role.

In the case of 5, red pepper

Studies have shown that chili contains "capsaicin" can stimulate the human nerve endings, so that heart rate, lust. In addition, some experts believe that eating special spicy food can promote the "endorphins" secretion, this material produced by the brain, can make people feel happy and energetic, so help to create "sex" blessing life.

In the case of 6, eggs

Eggs are a high protein food, similar to the body protein composition, so the egg protein body absorption rate of up to 99.7% (milk only 85%). Experts point out that eggs are the best nutritional supplements to enhance human sexual function, but also the best after the resumption of vitality "reducing agent."

In the case of 7, apple

Refers to the lust of fruit, all know Adam, Eve people will think of Apple. Since Adam and Eve, Apple has been synonymous with the temptation. Apple by the formation of adequate sunlight, the red pigment, the secretion of hormones can be more vigorous, so that men have more masculinity, so that women become more feminine. (Refer to the website: seeking medicine to ask the drug)

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