Let the man kidneys impotence of the four folk way this is true

In the current high-pressure society environment, most of the male Facing a greater challenge, so tend to ignore their own body health The For men, the strong body is also a guarantee, of course, the topic of men Bushen impotence has been continued in the folk there is a lot of legendary way to let men physical strong impotence, but these strong martial arts legend is true The

男人怎么壮阳补肾比较好 壮阳补肾的方法有哪些 男人怎么强身壮阳

In the case of 1, What to eat Make up what

I believe that many people have heard such rumors, what can eat what can be added. So a lot of men in order to improve their ability to the body, will choose a variety of tonic food To tonic, but is it really useful?

In fact, this approach is useless, eat too much food is not conducive to their own health, and many animals, the internal organs are not clean, but also susceptible to parasites and bacteria, may also lead to increased elevated hyaluronic acid The

As well as increase the male sexual ability and kidney impotence, such a rumor legend even more undesirable. Many men will directly drink wine or direct cooking animals, organs, in fact, these things in the process of their own processing itself has been destroyed, nutrition will be lost, so the role is minimal.

So we should pay attention to diet with.

In the case of 2, wine is the ability of the catalyst

In folk there is such a legend, that wine is the best catalyst for sex, many men think that when the drink, the man's sexual strength will increase, in fact, the wine really have such a result?

男人怎么壮阳补肾比较好 壮阳补肾的方法有哪些 男人怎么强身壮阳

The answer is of course negative, with impotence effect Of the drugs are internationally certified, the wine itself is not the effect of such a. The reason why many people will think that it is effective because, after drinking, the body's cortical excitement caused by the increase in the amount of alcohol, the body's cortex of the brain's excitement becomes suppressed, long-term, but will damage the human body Their own health, so that the reaction of the human brain becomes slow and slow, severe cases will damage the body's liver, heart, triggering a series of disease The

In the case of 3, holding back urine can be strong

In the current highly developed network of society, there are many users that can hold back urine work out Male PC muscle, a long time to adhere to the male sexual ability can be enhanced, so as to achieve the effect of physical impotence.

In fact, this rumor is more nonsense, muscle exercise so simple, but also what the gym? No need to control the diet, you can achieve the purpose of physical, this is a joke.

男人怎么壮阳补肾比较好 壮阳补肾的方法有哪些 男人怎么强身壮阳

Medical research shows that holding the urine itself is very large damage, and is very dangerous, the body's urine itself contains a variety of bacteria, long-term will lead to the occurrence of a variety of inflammation, a long time holding back urine Will make the ability to increase the capacity of the capsule, severe cases may be life-threatening.

4, men can not drink soy milk

Network rumors, will only be a woman's patent, men can not drink soy milk, because soy milk contains estrogen, severe cases may lead to male Impotence , This argument is more nonsense, there is no scientific basis.

Soy milk contains phytoestrogens, rather than the human estrogen, the two are not the same, and no any related, so drink milk will lead to male impotence, is completely wrong.

After reading the small series of reports, I believe we will not believe that there is no scientific basis for any rumors and legends of the bar. ( 99 health network (www.99.com.cn) Zhuangao, for reprint please indicate the source. )

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