Cause the top ten risk factors for prostatitis in men

The same time as prostate disease Has become troubled male One of the most prominent diseases of the population, more than 50% of men, life at least once by prostatitis. Today Xiaobian men summed up the top ten risk factors for the prostate, and put forward practical prevention Suggest.

1, sedentary does not exercise.

A Swedish survey found that people who were sitting in office for a long time were 30% more likely to develop prostate cancer than those who were walking around. Experts said that sedentary prostate parts are often in a state of oppression, more likely to induce prostatitis. Therefore, people who work in the office all year round should stand up for about 8 to 10 minutes after sitting an hour. In addition, outdoor activities are also essential, usually can stick fast.

The same time as 2, sleep is not good.

Researchers studied the effects of sleep on the risk of prostate cancer with more than 2,100 men aged 67 to 96 years. The results found that poor sleep people suffering from prostate cancer risk, there is no sleep problems of 1.6 to 2.1 times, sleep problems include difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up at night, early morning wake and so on. Experts said that sleep is not good, the body's resistance and immunity will decline, but also make the prostate vulnerable to bacterial invasion. If you often stay up all night and smoke and drink, Internet, sedentary and other dangerous way to add, the harm will be greater.

The same time as 3, overweight

Weight is affecting the prostate health Of the important index, the more weight, the higher the level of testosterone in the body, the more likely to induce prostate cancer. In addition, overweight and even damage their own reproductive system health, it is because people who are too heavy to sit down, the buttocks and thighs are concentrated in the meat Private office , Which is equivalent to heating the testicles, and the hot environment is harmful to the reproductive system. Therefore, overweight people should actively participate work out , Such as swimming and other less weight movement, less redundant fat.

The same time as 4, a long ride.

Many men will choose to ride to exercise, but often cycling will also adversely affect the prostate, the body and the hard car seat between the continuous friction or vibration, will destroy the prostate tissue structure, causing damage. Experts suggest that each ride should not be more than half an hour, especially patients with prostate disease, should try to avoid cycling. Walking, running, mountain climbing, swimming and other sports are conducive to the prevention of prostatitis.

5, eat red meat.

A US survey found that people who eat regular red meat risk of prostate cancer will increase by 12%, because the saturated fat in red meat is not conducive to prostate health. Experts said, known as the "king of prostate health," the tomatoes contain lycopene, this super antioxidant, not only to prevent the occurrence of prostate disease, but also accelerate the recovery rate of the prostate. Omega 3 in the fish will also help reduce the risk of prostate disease, may be appropriate to eat. Should pay attention to is suffering from prostatitis inflammation and hyperplasia of patients, should not eat chili, eat ginger, onions, garlic, pepper and other spicy food, not excessive consumption of beef and mutton, seafood, coffee, cola, tea and so on.

6, drinking.

Drink high concentrations of alcohol every day more than 50 grams of people, the risk of advanced prostate cancer is not drinking or drinking less people 3 times more. Experts advise, long-term excessive drinking, not only on the digestive system, nervous system, metabolic system and other great harm, but also stimulate the secretion of testosterone, thereby affecting the secretion and excretion of prostatic fluid. Therefore, men must moderate drinking, especially those who have had prostate inflammation should be completely abstained from drinking.

The same time as 7, smoking.

The study found that smokers had a 1 to 2-fold higher prevalence of prostate disease than non-smokers. This is because the tobacco contains more than 1,200 compounds, of which the vast majority of harmful to humans. Experts said that the more smoking the greater the risk of the prostate. Therefore, no smoking, early smoking is the best way to protect the prostate and prevent prostate cancer.

The same time as 8, the child is too high.

The short stature is 19% less likely to have prostate cancer than the 30 cm high person. The researchers said that this does not mean that the child increases the risk of prostate disease, but provides a warning: tall people need to pay more attention to prostate health, and regular physical examination.

9, sex is not the law.

In general, the initial age of life earlier, sexual life is too frequent, excessive or long-term abstinence, will increase the incidence of prostate disease. Experts also reminded that intermittent intercourse before ejaculation, in vitro row of fine, or frequent masturbation, will make the prostate congestion, swelling, causing inflammation.

10, genetic.

The study found that if the immediate family members or brothers suffering from prostate disease, then their risk will increase by 2 to 3 times, experts suggest that after the age of 45, but also to pay attention to this risk, the most important thing is to regularly check the prostate The In addition, the genetic factors affected by the need for more care of their own prostate health.

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