Soybean changed tofu after the 7 major effects

The birth of tofu completely changed the fate of soybeans. Tofu to the body of the absorption and utilization of soy protein, it becomes easier; tofu soft and flexible personality to good at cooking Chinese people have a great space to create, tofu and therefore made a wide variety of dishes to suit different regions People's tastes and preferences. All of these, so that ordinary soybeans have been sublimated. Tofu effect Is also very much, let us look at the following look at it

Tofu effect

1, menopause "protect God"

Effective prevention Osteoporosis, Breast cancer with prostate happened.

2, to prevent cardiovascular disease

Tofu at the same time, but also inhibit the intake of cholesterol. Soy protein significantly reduces plasma cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins, not only can prevent colon cancer, but also help prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3, reduce the risk of breast cancer

Production of tofu soybeans containing soy isoflavones, can adjust the breast response to estrogen, Japanese women in the urine of isoflavones in the United States, the Dutch women's 100 to 1000 times, which is the Japanese eat soybeans, but also the Japanese phase and Europe and the United States compared to the incidence of breast cancer is a reason for the lower. In addition, it can also effectively prevent leukemia, colon cancer, lung cancer, Stomach cancer And so on.

4, anti-vascular

Soybean contains saponins, scavenging free radicals in the body, with significant anti-cancer activity, with inhibition of tumor cell growth, inhibition of platelet aggregation, anti-thrombotic effect.

5, milk substitutes

Tofu nutritional value and milk similar to the lactose intolerance and can not drink milk, or in order to control the slow Sexually transmitted diseases Do not eat meat and poultry people, tofu is the best substitute.

6, tonic heat Health

Tofu for the benefit of heat health food , Often eat, can Bu Zhong Yi Qi, heat Runzao, Shengjinzhike, clean the stomach. More suitable for hot body, bad breath thirst, gastrointestinal unclear, after the disease nurses eat. Modern medicine confirmed that tofu addition to increase nutrition, help digestion, increase appetite function, the teeth, bone growth and development is also quite useful in hematopoietic function can increase the blood iron content.

7, calcium supplement

Tofu rich in nutrients, containing iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other essential human trace elements, also contains sugar, vegetable oil and rich quality protein, known as "plant meat" reputation. Tofu digestion and absorption rate of 95% or more. Two small pieces of tofu, you can meet the needs of a person a day calcium.

Cottage tofu no nutrition

Although tofu and more nutrition, but also depends on what kind of tofu, some cottage tofu on the basic no nutrition at all.

Japanese tofu: Japanese tofu There are some other names, such as "lactone tofu", "egg tofu", "jade tofu" and so on, although the texture like tofu, but does not contain any soy ingredients. It is mainly made of eggs as the main raw material, supplemented by pure water, plant protein, natural seasonings and other made, taste tender and easy to cook, but from the nutritional value, it is neither as eggs, nor as tofu.

Almond Tofu: Almond Tofu is a famous dessert, which is boiled by sweet almond and then boiled water, to be frozen after the cut from the block, due to the shape of tofu named. Which does not contain soy ingredients, but to increase the sugar, milk powder, canned fruit, almond and other additives, although it contains certain from the almonds to bring the protein and fat, but the nutritional value is far less than tofu.

Konjac tofu: konjac tofu is actually made of konjac tuberous pulp into the slurry after the product, its main ingredient is glucomannan, which is a high quality natural dietary fiber, from the nutritional value, it can play a role in reducing cholesterol , To promote intestinal movement to relieve constipation and other effects, and the heat of low satiety strong, is a lot of weight loss lovers of choice for products. But it does not contain any high-quality protein, can not give the body to add calcium and magnesium.

How to choose tofu

Tofu itself is slightly yellowish color, if the color is too dead white, it is possible to add bleach, you should not buy.

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