7 kinds of food so that men sperm innocence

There are six signs of infertility risk

1, white turbidity: white turbidity means male Mixed with urine semen , Or after urination with semen-like turbidity.

2, Ejaculation Pain, difficulty urinating.

3, Azoospermia : Including obstructive azoospermia and non-obstructive azoospermia. Obstructive azoospermia, can be caused by infection or congenital spermatic cord defect. Non-obstructive azoospermia, can be congenital chromosomal abnormalities, cryptorchidism, juvenile suffering from mumps and other male infertility caused.

4, sperm Too few: normal at least 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Less than normal, will reduce the chances of pregnancy.

5, Impotence : Penis can not erection, or erection is not hard, so that can not be sexual intercourse.

6, blood essence: semen was pink or folder with bloodshot.

Beware of seven kinds food Let your sperm innocence

1, celery

For a long time, folk circulating celery can "help" to improve the male sexual function of the argument. This argument is unscientific: celery can not only 'help', and eat will kill sperm

Men eat celery will inhibit the formation of testosterone, which has a fine sperm effect, will reduce the number of sperm. According to reports, foreign doctors have found through experiments, health Good, fertility of young men for several days after eating celery, the amount of sperm will be significantly reduced or even difficult to conceive the extent of this situation in the months after stopping will return to normal.

2, seafood

Hong Kong, a sterile men's hair mercury test found that a week to eat four or more seafood meal sterile men, hair mercury content than normal fertility of men nearly four percent.

3, beer

If you have suffered from the kidney disease , And unlimited to drink a lot of beer, uric acid deposition will lead to renal tubular obstruction, resulting in kidney failure.

4, milk tea

The current market is mostly pearl milk tea with creamer, pigments, flavors and tapioca flour (referring to pearls in tea) and Tap water production. The main ingredients of the creamer hydrogenated vegetable oil, is a trans fatty acid. Trans fatty acids can reduce the secretion of male hormones, the activity of the sperm has a negative impact on the interruption of sperm in the body of the reaction process.

5, fried chicken

Summer eat barbecue man attention, experts pointed out that barbecue and fried starchy foods contain carcinogenic poison acrylamide, can lead to less male, weak essence.

In addition, heavy metal cadmium, pesticide residues are toxic to sperm.

6, pig waist

Many people like to eat animal offal, especially when eating barbecue, the "kid" is to become a lot of men's favorite. Recently, Taiwan doctors warned: eat internal organs fill, pay attention to heavy metals "cadmium" loss of infertility. Liver, viscera, pig testicles, like "eat Han fill what" people, can be careful, because eat more, not only make up the body, but also may be infertility.

According to the latest study of Taiwan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, found that pigs, cattle, sheep liver, kidney, which are different levels of heavy metal cadmium, people eat at the same time also into the stomach of cadmium, it is likely to cause infertility , If coupled with their own smoking population, infertility risk as high as 60%.

7, cola

Harvard University School of Medicine experts on the market to sell three different formulations of Coca-Cola drinks, anti-sperm test after the conclusion: newly married men drink cola drinks, sperm will be directly killed, thus affecting the man's reproductive ability. If the injured sperm once combined with the egg, may lead to fetal malformations, or congenital deficiency.

Medical scientists also advise newly married women to drink or drink cola drinks. Because most cola drinks contain higher levels of caffeine, caffeine in the body is easy to absorb through the placenta into the fetus, will endanger the fetal brain, heart and other organs, the same will cause the fetus caused by deformity or congenital disease.

Male infertility patients to know how to eat every day

1, in the diet to eat some high-quality protein and arginine food: such as lean meat, pig spinal cord, dog meat, beef and mutton, chicken and duck, eggs, fish and shrimp, soy products are high protein foods, , Blackfish, sea cucumber, tendons, soy products, lean meat, etc. are foods containing arginine.

2, you can eat in the diet appropriate to eat some foods rich in sex hormones: such as sheep kidney, pig kidney, dog testicles, bullwhip, chicken liver intake, can promote spermatogonia cell division and maturation, benefit.

3, the patient in the diet to add a certain amount of minerals, in particular, to increase the intake of trace elements: because the human testes, prostate, semen itself contains a high concentration of zinc, zinc long-term intake, Will cause rare sperm and testicular atrophy. High zinc food to shellfish-based, such as oysters zinc up, you can eat.

4, the patient in the diet on the intake of various vitamins must be sufficient: because vitamins can provide raw materials for sperm, can promote the generation of sperm to maintain the role of sexual organs and other violations. Vitamin E and the relationship between the most closely related to the reproductive system, with the prevention of aging organs, so that empty piglet regeneration, and enhance the role of sperm motility.

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