Prevention of male sexual dysfunction from these points to start

Adequate sunshine is the traveler's great season, many male Friends enjoy the vitality of the fall of the beautiful time, not knowing that the fall is a male Sexual dysfunction Of the high season, experts advise, do sexual dysfunction disease of prevention Work is particularly important.

The same time as the above- Male experts say that for the prevention of sexual dysfunction can start from the following:

Do not let pressure burial sexual desire:

Many people because of tense work and busy housework, no time to take into account sexual life, so that their instinctive sexual desire to silently degenerate. Prevention and treatment of low sexual desire between the two sides with the couple. To cultivate the fun of sex life. Experienced couples can correctly adjust the law of sex life, in front of life work trivia to give way to sex. This can not only deepen the feelings of both sides, but also make the love between each other will be troubled to melt.

So that between husband and wife sexual desire to produce:

Because men and women have different psychological and physical differences, they should avoid the impulse of one party, and the other is still indifferent; or one has ended the orgasm, while the other is just beginning to appear sexual excitement. These will lead to sexual despair. Understand each other's sexual characteristics, respect for each other's feelings, sex before the necessary flirt prepared to make each other sexual desire to produce a total of orgasm, is the key to the harmony of sexual life.

Prevention of low libido is very important:

Sex life is the integration of two emotions and the flesh, no love of sex is never satisfied. Husband and wife love, is natural. Modern medicine shows that a reasonable sex life is beneficial to the body and mind health People with emotional fluctuations often have sexual dysfunction. Therefore, when the sexual life is not coordinated, the couple should exchange their sexual feelings, to help each other to overcome the negative factors in sexual life, is to prevent sexual desire is another key. Some drugs can lead to decreased sexual function: such as sedatives, antihypertensive agents, cocaine, alcohol, etc. can inhibit human sexual desire. Therefore, when taking these drugs should pay special attention. So, can there be drugs to enhance sexual desire? Scientific research shows that the amount of vitamins and minerals can enhance people's sexual desire. In addition, take some traditional Chinese medicine (Such as medlar, ginseng, velvet, etc.) to improve sexual desire also have a better effect.

Warm reminder: sexual dysfunction, to timely to professional hospital get on an examination treatment , To avoid listening to advertise their own drugs, by the clinical Studies have shown that sexual dysfunction, such as patients with self-medication experience, the difficulty of cure and treatment time will be increased.

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