Long-term insomnia easy to fold daily self-massage to help ease

Look around the poor spirit, bad color of the people, the inquiry is no sleep at night, insomnia. Insomnia has been "normal" to we do not think of the disease, thus ignoring the seriousness of insomnia. Then let us understand the serious problems of insomnia, and how to overcome insomnia.

Insomnia brings body health problem:

First, insomnia will speed up skin aging The The body produces two important substances to maintain the skin toughness - collagen and elastin, and these two substances only in the night into the deep sleep when a large number of, and usually very little. Insomnia patients sleep time and the law is destroyed, leading to physiological disorders, long-term will affect the normal secretion of collagen and elastin, insomnia, serious harm can lead to skin Aging speed.

Second, insomnia affect emotions, easily deteriorated for other serious spirits disease The Insomnia is easy nerve Disorder, long-term insomnia caused by lack of concentration, decreased ability to think, resulting in depression, anxiety, nervousness and other emotions, serious formation Mental illness , Neurosis, neurasthenia and so on.

Third, insomnia lead to decreased immune function The Long-term insomnia easily lead to high blood pressure, Hyperlipidemia ; Cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease, diabetes , constipation , cancer Such as fatal disease and premature aging.

Fourth, long-term insomnia fold life The According to incomplete scientific research in recent years, insomnia is particularly serious for the elderly, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, cancer, cancer and other fatal disease population is the fundamental reason for the elderly due to long-term insomnia The Epidemiological statistics show that long-term insomnia to shorten life expectancy of 10-18 years.

In addition to the above consequences, due to insomnia caused by the spirit of neurological, medical disease patients are more and more.

Insomnia means that you can not sleep or can not sleep, resulting in lack of sleep. Also known as sleep and sleep disorders (DlMS), for a variety of reasons caused by difficulty falling asleep, sleep depth or frequency is too short, early awakening and lack of sleep or poor quality, common causes of insomnia are mainly environmental reasons, individual factors , Physical reasons, mental factors, emotional factors.

Insomnia can try my own point massage

① head massage : To the middle finger pulp from the bottom up alternate massage hall hall 30 times, and then along the eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow, the temple of 30 times.

② ear massage : To both hands thumb, index finger to the top of the ear from the top down massage 30, and then rubbing bilateral ear lobe 30 times to red for the degree.

③ abdominal massage : Before going to sleep supine position, rubbing his hands, ring rubbing abdomen, clockwise and counterclockwise 30 times, in addition to the role of sleep, there are spleen and stomach to help digestion.

④ neck massage : The index finger massage the ear after the mastoid depression depression 30 points, take the neck 30 times to the neck with a sense of oppression.

⑤ foot massage : After the feet after the feet to rub the heart by rubbing the heart of Yongquan Quan 90 times, there are strong kidney tonic liver sleep effect.

(Editor: Zhou Ting)

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