Men know what to call sick spermatorrhea simple five ways to adjust

Nocturnal emission as long as it is not frequent, right health Will not have an impact. However, if the spermatorrhea is too frequent, such as 1 to 2 days there is a time, or a sexual impulse on the row of fine, it is sick. Frequent spermatorrhea will make people apathetic, dizziness, fatigue, Yaoxisuanruan, looking yellow, affecting physical and mental health. Physical therapy to enhance physical fitness, adjustment nerve Features, treatment There is a unique spermatorrhea effect The

Here are a few simple and easy way:

Static squatting station pile method

Chest straight waist, knee flexion for 1/4 squat (thigh calf curvature of 120 ~ 140 degrees), head and neck straight, eyes in front of his arms straight forward, knees in the same position to maintain the same situation, Try to inside the folder, so that the legs, lower abdomen, buttocks to maintain a high degree of tension, after half a minute walk a few steps, let the muscles relax and then do. So repeated, the number of custom. Every morning to do a back With the increase in leg strength, the duration can be gradually extended, the number of repetitions can be gradually increased.

Supine on the abdomen arm leg

Take the supine position, his arms straight in the head, and then on the legs at the same time quickly on his arms, so that both hands and feet at the top of the abdomen to contact each other, when the move when breathing, restore the breath. Daily morning and evening can be carried out once, each time to do 24 to 32 under. With the increase in abdominal muscle strength, the number of repetitions of these actions can be gradually increased.

Self-massage method

With both hands and fingers were clockwise and counterclockwise and repeated gently massage Dan Tian points (abdominal umbilical lower 2 refers to) and Shenshu points (the waist of the most thin back, the second lumbar spinous process next to the next 3 points), through the massage These two points can help to adjust and improve sexual function.

Levator ani movement method

Sitting in bed to do the action of contraction of the anus, resembles the way to fight the stool, every night before going to bed, each can shrink 48 to 64 times. Contraction when breathing, relax when the breath, the action should be soft, slow and rhythmic, force evenly. Perseverance, long-term adherence will have effect.

Cold water rinse method

In the case of temperature, the environment allowed, every night before going to sleep with cold water, and then rinse the scrotum with cold water for several minutes, help to reduce the excitability of the nerve. At the beginning, the time should not be too long flushing, physical weakness with caution this method.

It must be pointed out that the treatment of physical therapy can not be able to work a few times can be effective, and only establish perseverance, perseverance, in order to receive good results. In addition, the use of physical therapy should also pay attention to the main focus on learning and work, cultivate a wide range of hobbies, and more to participate in collective activities, the establishment of a reasonable living system, to develop good habits: quit masturbation; , The morning does not snooze, wake up to get up, do not drink too much water before going to bed; with hot water feet, so that surgery can sleep; bed not too soft too warm, quilt not too heavy too thick, underwear Loose; sleep position to the side as well, do not hold back urine (due to the fullness of the bladder will stimulate the nerves, causing sexual excitement and infertility) and so on. Note that these aspects are also essential to reduce the spermatorrhea.

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