What is the reason for men’s premature ejaculation?

The same time as the above- Premature ejaculation Is a very common male disease , Although it is not a terrible disease, but it gave the patient's life and work has brought great distress, often due to premature ejaculation also caused the family is not harmonious, and some patients even do not know why the reason Premature ejaculation, then, male What is the reason for premature ejaculation, the following experts please tell you about.

What is the cause of male premature ejaculation?

First, now cohabitation is already a very common phenomenon, premarital sex is very frequent, so because of mental stress, excitement faster, it is easy to rush Ejaculation This is very easy to lead to premature ejaculation; some patients will be right semen The amount is very important to worry about excessive sexual life will damage the body, excessive anxiety will make sexual dysfunction, leading to premature ejaculation.

Second, frequent intercourse interruption is very easy to cause premature ejaculation; and some patients in social interaction with female Less contact with women too cautious and shy, some people lack of sexual knowledge, sexual organs have a sense of mystery, easy panic caused premature ejaculation.

Third, because people's daily rhythm of life is soon to work or two separate, long time without sexual intercourse, it is too strong sexual requirements will cause premature ejaculation, and some patients have concerns, will deliberately reduce the number of sexual intercourse, Causing sexual tension continue to accumulate, but increase the premature ejaculation; organic causes of premature ejaculation often accompanied by varying degrees Impotence ,Such as prostate Inflammation, seminal vesiculitis and other diseases.

Fourth, in general, masturbation habits of patients, will be susceptible to premature ejaculation, but not directly caused, but because of their own fear of fear, always rush ejaculation caused by poor relationship between husband and wife is one of the reasons, the main performance That is, too much fear of his wife, worship or the presence of subconsciously hostile to his wife, so that couples in the sex life is hastily, sometimes the woman suffering from reproductive tract inflammation, because of sexual intercourse can cause pain, so the woman asked as soon as possible End sexual intercourse caused premature ejaculation.

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