What is the risk of men’s excessive indulgence?

The same time as the above- male Once the sex life, it will feel exhausted without any strength, as if through a war in general, and my heart seems to be missing something. But some men are in the sex life, to abandon this feeling too much for their own indulgence, this approach is actually inappropriate, because the male indulgence of the great harm.

The same time as the above- semen Yes sperm And seminal plasma mixture, which contains water, fructose, protein and fat, but also contains a variety of enzymes and inorganic salts. In recent years, domestic experts have shown that semen is rich in zinc, and its high content is any other body tissue can not be compared. If you consume 2 to 6 milliliters of semen per sexual life, you can lose 300 to 900 micrograms of zinc at once.

Note that a 60 kg of the total amount of zinc in the body of the body is only about 1.5 grams. It goes without saying that if the sexual intercourse, it may lead to body zinc deficiency.

A large number of studies have shown that zinc and a variety of enzymes related to the synthesis and activity. Zinc in addition to participate in the synthesis of many important substances, there are significant immune promotion. Zinc deficiency, spleen and thymus weight reduction, thymus atrophy, peripheral lymphocyte count decreased, and immunoglobulin values ​​decreased, people's resistance to disease will naturally decline, which led to disease The

In addition, the semen contains a comparable with penicillin antibacterial material - seminal cytoplasm. From the laboratory culture observed, semen cytoplasm can kill grape Globular, streptococcus and other pathogens. Needless to say, if the excessive consumption of semen, will inevitably affect the body's cytoplasm content, so that bacteria, viruses can take advantage of, resulting in the occurrence of certain diseases.

What is the indulgence?

Pain, the sequelae of indulgence

The harmonious sex between husband and wife is to keep fit health Indispensable one aspect, but also the pillars of a happy family. However, regardless of the old, middle and blue age of the people who, but dissatisfied but it is harmful to health. For example, in the two feelings of tempting, the couple's Huan time Low back pain ,headache, Ejaculation pain, female stomach ache And so on, and sexual intercourse too frequent, improper position, action too much or sexual harmony is not harmonious, as the indulgence of the "sequelae".

Stomach pain.

A pair of white-collar couples each time, "Britain Yufeng Feng", both feel the stomach faint pain. Began to think that is due to work during the day due to the weekend can also be the same room. And later to see a doctor, I discovered that the room is too close to the dinner time, and sexual intercourse when the general organs of congestion, reducing the gastrointestinal blood flow, affecting gastrointestinal peristalsis, and then involving digestive function, a long time caused by stomach discomfort Pain and other symptoms of gastritis. Later, the couple listened to the doctor's orders, the room changed in the morning, and reduce the frequency of sexual life, never had a stomach pain.

Low back pain.

Excessive or strong intercourse, will consume marrow, kidney injury, bone loss, eventually leading to unspeakable low back pain. In the intercourse process, both the movement system are in a highly tense, frequent state of activity. Strength, chest, waist, sacral vertebrae, pelvis and limb bone and joints, in its surrounding muscles in collaboration, continuous stretching, buckling, adduction and abduction. The largest activity in the spine is the lumbosacral joint. If the intercourse inappropriate action, too much or too fast stretch lumbosacral, easily lead to lumbosacral joint operation. If the room too frequent, due to lumbosacral nerve, joints and muscles have not been fully rest, and on the "battlefield", then over time, will cause lumbosacral joint injury or psoas muscle injury, low back pain will be strange.

So when you have sexual psychological needs, do not be too indulge yourself, if it has been so long down, maybe some of the problems will fall, so sex life to be restrained, do not be too tortured their own body. So that the steady flow, the Great Wall never fall.

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