Why men are easy to divulge the little known for the three major hair loss reasons

The same age, others are black hair, but they are wore a "Mediterranean". I heard that stress, like hair will be hair loss, but they obviously do not have these problems, but also often eat sesame seeds, but hair loss serious. In the end what is the cause of their hair loss?

Experts point out that, for the hair loss of people, in addition to the above reasons, there are several little-known reasons, which not only include we think that hair care sesame seeds, even go to bed Medication is the focus can not be ignored.

Why hair loss? Look at little-known Hair loss causes

1, black sesame eat too much:

Many people think that hair loss should eat more black sesame seeds. But the experts gave it common sense Different explanations: eating sesame is certainly good for the hair, but eating more will speed up bald. Black sesame seeds eat too much will endocrine disorders, causing scalp greasy, resulting in fur withered, shedding. Therefore, the black sesame seeds more suitable for the amount of food should be half a teaspoon a day, not more than a porcelain spoon. In addition, poor appetite, stool thin people should not eat black sesame seeds.

2, sleep too late:

Adequate sleep can be promoted skin And the hair of the normal metabolism, and the metabolic period is mainly in the evening, especially 10 pm to 2 am the next day, this period of time if adequate sleep, you can make hair metabolism normal. On the contrary, people slept late hair easy to fall off the oil.

The same time as the above- 3, too much medicine, malnutrition:

While the center The elderly For reasons, hair loss baldness is more due to diet and medicine. Dietary protein content is insufficient, iron deficiency and so can lead to hair loss. In addition, some drugs can also cause hair loss, including high doses of vitamin A, treatment Arthritis, depression, gout, heart disease, and hypertension. Therefore, in the service of these drugs, the diet eat more grains, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The same time as the above- Men hair loss choose what food is good

1, black sesame seeds, in fact, this has a great advantage for the hair, if you do not like to eat black sesame seeds, then eat some black sesame.

2, walnut, walnut nutrition like can not be ignored, what food to lose hair good? Is to eat some high-nutrition food, walnut is a good choice, but do not eat more, generally eat four or five a day is enough.

3, black bean soup, that is, with sesame seeds 30g, black beans 30g, medlar 12g, sugar 20g. Boil with water, probably half an hour, and then even the soup with food.

4, sheep bone porridge, in fact, many men have not tried this method, the specific method is the sheep tibia 1-2, mashed, plus red dates, longan 10, glutinous rice 100-150g, add water, porridge consumption The

5, nourishing fruit preserved. This is also a good choice for the old hair to eat what food is good, you can choose to raise blood and preserved. The use of dry goods longan 50g, small red dates 30g, 38 grams of mulberry, medlar 30g, honey amount. Add water, with a small fire for 30 minutes, continued into the next honey, cook until the juice can be viscous. (Reference website: family doctor online network)

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