Men eat three vegetables kidney and anti cancer

The same time as the above- One, broccoli

The subjects of the study were divided into two groups, each eating 4 broccoli or peas each week. The results showed that eating a group of patients with broccoli appeared in the "anti-cancer gene", can protect male Free from prostate Cancer attack. Prostate cancer is the second only lung cancer male II cancer Killer, the annual global 68 million people suffer, there are 22 million people died. The first study of human trials, recently published in the "Public Library of Science" published. In addition to broccoli, belong to cruciferous cauliflower, purple cabbage, anti-cancer effect is not bad, men should eat.

The same time as the above- two, tomato

"It is worth mentioning that the tomato is also a male should not miss the good fruits and vegetables." Experts said that which is not only rich in vitamin C, contains lycopene and "dredge" glands, prevention prostate disease The role of.

The same time as the above- Three spinach

In addition, men should also learn "vigorous sailors", eat more spinach. Spinach contains trace elements of magnesium, can be in the carbohydrate into the available energy, to increase the effect of male muscle strength. Of course, for men, spinach is more significant advantages of folic acid and iron can promote the synthesis of red blood cells, improve blood oxygen capacity, speed up blood circulation, can fundamentally improve male sexual quality of life. The same time as the above-

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