Men should keep in mind these five coup coup

Now more and more obese people, then you know how to effectively lose weight? Here to tell you about how men should lose weight.

What are the ways men lose weight How men lose weight lead to male obesity What are the reasons

5 ways to lose weight for men

1, fasting after 9 o'clock

Set a rule: "Fasting after nine o'clock." Means that after nine o'clock fasting, do not eat those who do not health of food . The last meal every day as far as possible one-time solution, so go to bed go to bed All can be digested before.

2, the weekend work out

Weekend to do some exercise. Most of us will find many excuses not to exercise on weekends, so if you can squeeze out some exercise time then you are not too far from your weight loss goals.

3, normal life and rest

Do not stay up late is the focus, the work can get up early to do early on, is a last resort, stay up late work absolutely to restrain food intake, do not upset irritability, eat fast food food As a result, weight often increases.

What are the ways men lose weight How men lose weight lead to male obesity What are the reasons

4, must be active after dinner

The reason for the normal obesity is not to eat too much, that is, less exercise. Therefore, after we have a meal, we can not exercise our food in a place immediately without having completely digested the food. Otherwise our body is easy, it will accumulate fat. Therefore, after dinner we have to find ways to make ourselves active so that the heat is consumed as soon as possible. So, after dinner we can choose to finish doing housework, or go for a walk or something, these are great tips for weight loss.

5, the lower abdomen

Lower abdomen body movements and sit-ups, are not recommended in a soft bed, yoga mat should be practiced in order to truly exercise the lower abdomen. 2-3 groups may be performed every 2-3 days, each group 15-20 times training.

What are the ways men lose weight How men lose weight lead to male obesity What are the reasons

resulting in male The reason for obesity

1, long sedentary office, single posture, lack of exercise.

2, encountered setbacks, pressure, easy to seek comfort from food or alcohol, resulting in body heat overload. People's weight and bear the pressure will form a vicious cycle, most people under the pressure easily over-eating, indigestion caused by overweight.

3, "heart wide body fat." From the psychology point of view, this statement is not without reason, which can explain why most married men body will be as fast as balloon blowing fat.

4, natural weight gain. The average male body has about 30 billion fat cells, with age, these cells will be heavier. Therefore, almost every man after the age of 30 is always heavier than before. And, genes, hormones, and slowed metabolism all start to have an impact on his abdomen. (Reference site: family doctor online)

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