How to prevent urinary bleeding to do a healthy man

In the case of In the case of In the daily life of which, a lot of male Because they do not know how to take care of themselves, often appear some disease The When men find their own urine bleeding how to do it? Urinary bleeding what is the disease? treatment ?how is it prevention What?

男人小便出血是怎么回事 怎么预防小便出血 引起小便出血的原因有哪些

In the case of The cause of male urine bleeding

The male genitourinary system is infected, such as kidney tuberculosis, bladder urethritis, pyelonephritis, prostate Inflammation and so will cause men with urine bleeding.

Suffering from urinary stones, such as the bladder, urethra, ureter, including kidney stones are caused by urinary bleeding.

Suffering from nephritis patients, such as focal nephritis, memory of hemorrhagic nephritis are caused by urinary bleeding.

People suffering from genitourinary tumors, such as ureteral tumors, bladder tumors, prostate tumors are also caused by urinary bleeding.

Patients with other urinary diseases, such as congenital polycystic kidney disease, renal ptosis, etc. are also caused by urinary bleeding.

Urinary tract damage in patients, such as a variety of chemicals on the kidney, urinary system damage caused by bleeding.

The last one is a temporary urinary bleeding, such as bleeding after exercise, which is because the exercise is too intense, leading to the body's kidney damage caused by bleeding. This type of exercise-type urine bleeding no other special treatment, as long as taking some hemostatic drugs, rest to the body's organ function can repair it.

男人小便出血是怎么回事 怎么预防小便出血 引起小便出血的原因有哪些

In the case of How to prevent the prevention of male urine bleeding it?

Should avoid the movement is too intense, moderate and line, according to their own physical ability tailored sports program.

Male urine bleeding patients, usually more attention to develop more Drink water Of the habit, of course, the best is the best effect of magnetized water.

Actively cooperate with doctors to treat urinary system inflammation, stones and injuries and other diseases.

In the usual working environment, pay more attention can not let the bladder filling, that is, can not hold back urine, should be timely urination, reduce the bladder in the human body to bear the ability to avoid injury.

Quit smoking, usually in the diet, eat light food , Do not eat spicy spicy food.

In the case of The best diet recipes for male urine bleeding

Turtle stewed chicken

男人小便出血是怎么回事 怎么预防小便出血 引起小便出血的原因有哪些

Choose turtle meat five grams, small cock amount, directly into the stew pot can be stewed.

This simple diet recipes can be included in the elderly polyuria, pediatric enuresis and nocturia increased symptom , The effect is very significant.

In the case of Pig kidney knife beans

Take the fresh pig kidney two, concanaval two, pig kidney washed with water, and then each pig kidney into a knife beans, add the right amount of water, directly into the pot fire stew can be cooked.

This diet diet can choose sooner or later to eat a pig kidney, male urine bleeding in patients with mild to take two to four days, severe cases are taking four to eight days can be.

The recipe is mainly used for the treatment of urinary frequency, enuresis, Kidney deficiency Are all significant effect The

Finally, Xiaobian suggested that men suffering from urine bleeding symptoms, usually you can choose rich in vitamin C, propolis, B health, carotene, protein food for food. Drinking more of these foods can increase the body's resistance, strengthen the body's immune system, but also reduce the side effects of taking antibiotics.

So the men once found their urine bleeding, do not have tension, mild patients as long as the regulation of their own exercise and eating habits can be improved, poisoning patients need to go to the regular hospital to do the appropriate examination, symptomatic treatment. ( 99 health network ( Zhuangao, for reprint please indicate the source. )

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