Man sleep will erection? How men protect their genitals

In the case of In the case of male Friends are not sometimes in the sleep, suddenly woke up will find their little brother already "wake up" ah, why it is so at night the spirit of it? So how is this going on?

为什么男人在睡觉的时候也会勃起 男人睡觉的时候会勃起吗 男人怎么保护自己的生殖器健康

In the case of Why sometimes sleep dream In the penis will erection?

Our viscera is sympathetic nerve And parasympathetic innervation, sex organs are no exception. Penile erection is subject to the sacral parasympathetic innervation, parasympathetic nerve excitement, it will penile erection.

Sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves have a certain degree of tension (ie, weak and sustained excitement), and like a seesaw as confrontation. When the sympathetic nerve is excited, the parasympathetic nerve is relatively inhibited.

During the day by the environment of the various stimuli, sympathetic nerve accounted for the relative advantages; quiet and sleep at night, especially in the different phase of sleep, parasympathetic dominant, there will be male penile erection, female Pussy The phenomenon of congestion.

Folk there are two jingle: "the man three more pen, the woman midnight lotus open." That predecessors have long been observed this physiological phenomenon.

为什么男人在睡觉的时候也会勃起 男人睡觉的时候会勃起吗 男人怎么保护自己的生殖器健康

In the case of How to protect your genitals health

To be loose, do not oppress

Male normal semen Standard reference value, the late 80s of last century for 120 million per milliliter sperm , Now only 20 million per milliliter; in 6 pairs of fertility couples have 1 pair of infertility confusion; male sperm count decreased significantly and Infertility Are closely related to the bad lifestyle. Such as sitting on a soft sofa for a long time or driving for a long time, will make his private parts of the oppression, so that the supply of arterial blood by squeezing, vein confluence blocked, genital deformation in the state, will affect its function.

Experts suggest that men should not sit for a long time soft sofa, driving two hours to activities 15 to 20 minutes. Often do perineal contraction movement, twice a day, every ten minutes, so that not only can promote local blood circulation, can play a strong auxiliary effect.

In the case of To be breathable, do not be closed

为什么男人在睡觉的时候也会勃起 男人睡觉的时候会勃起吗 男人怎么保护自己的生殖器健康

Men's underwear should be soft, breathable, should not wear tight underwear, it is best not to wear jeans, but should wear loose pants, so that "it" down temperature, breathe. In addition, may wish to use naked way go to bed , Can make the private parts in a quiet night to enjoy a rare feeling of comfort.

In the case of To be clean, do not get dirt

Men should be developed before going to bed with warm water to clean the lower body of good habits, careful not to use too hot water. Cleaning should pay attention to the order, scrub the direction should be on the next, from front to back, that is, first wash penis, scrotum, after washing the anus. Prepare a piece of soft towel separately.

If the foreskin is too long, and fear of surgery, then more diligent, daily cleaning is essential. Every time you clean the foreskin should be turned up, the smear is thoroughly cleaned.

In summary, male friends to master these methods to protect their genitals health. (Refer to the website: seeking medicine to ask the drug)

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