How to treat long phimosis Try these methods

Phimosis is too long is a lot male Faced with embarrassing problems, some people have suffered from this problem since they were young. disease , but did not pay attention or avoid treatment . So how to cure phimosis is too long? Let's take a look.

How long phimosis treatment How long phimosis treatment How to prevent phimosis too long

How to treat long phimosis

For incarcerated phimosis, manual reduction, such as reset failure, anesthesia dorsal incision.

General phimosis is used for circumcision, applicable to: foreskin fibrous narrow ring; recurrent penis head Dermatitis 6 years of age after the foreskin mouth is narrow, with special emphasis on the case of buried penis should not be used for circumcision, should apply foreskin plastic surgery, if not surgery, should pay attention to clean, often on the cleaning.

How long phimosis treatment How long phimosis treatment How to prevent phimosis too long

Phimosis is too long symptom Signs

The foreskin mouth is narrow and pinhole-like, can cause varying degrees of difficulty in urination, urinary flow is slow, small, when the urine when the foreskin swelling, smegma, was a small white lump, the penis head package dermatitis, inflammation when the foreskin mouth swollen, with pus Sexual secretions, incarcerated phimosis, severe pain, edema of the foreskin, difficulty urinating, and too long an incarcerated prepuce necrosis.

Phimosis too long complications

Phimosis is a common problem that exists in many men. One out of every five male citizens is a prepuce, one phimosis patient every 20 people, a long prepuce, a long period of urine after phimosis, and chronic inflammation of the phimosis. Stimulation, can make the foreskin glans mucosal edema, congestion, erosion, repeated cross-infection, the formation of foreskin balanitis, foreskin adhesions, foreskin stones, and even prepuce incarceration, leading to serious consequences such as necrosis of the foreskin glans, but also through the couple will be sexual life Various germs are brought into the body of women, leading to females Vaginitis , Cervicitis , Cervical erosion , Pelvic inflammatory disease Endometritis, Cervical cancer Occurrence of such diseases seriously jeopardizes the life and health of female compatriots.

How long phimosis treatment How long phimosis treatment How to prevent phimosis too long

The How can men prevent foreskin phimosis?

1. If circumcision is performed, wash the penis with warm water or 1:5000 potassium permanganate solution 3 days before surgery. After the surgery, in addition to the above medications, it prevents bleeding and inflammation of the penis. Attention should also be paid to the dressing drying. Should be soaked in urine should be promptly replaced after the general postoperative 5-7 stitches.

2. When circumcision is not performed, attention should be paid to nursing and local cleanliness of the penis. Wash often, such as the foreskin can not be turned over, do not force the flip, if it can turn up, wash and wash to restore the original position of the foreskin, so as not to cause incarcerated phimosis. (Reference site: Health Network)

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