Common ways to treat phimosis powerful and fast

Many people don’t know enough about phimosis and feel that they are physically strong and therefore suffer from phimosis. It is no harm, or feel that they will not appear phimosis and relax their vigilance. In fact, the appearance of phimosis is related to many factors, and the damage is also serious. Listen to it in a timely manner treatment So, what is the common method of treating phimosis?

How to do phimosis How to care phimosis How to treat phimosis

The male Treatment of phimosis

1. Conservative treatment methods: The penis head is exposed by artificially turning the foreskin, and then smegma is washed to avoid recurrence of foreskin adhesions or adhesions. At the same time, we must pay attention to the immediate restoration of the prepuce after the expansion of the foreskin, otherwise it will cause incarcerated phimosis.

2, soaking or wet method: Fang Glauber's salt, Phellodendron, dentatine, male and female, each 305, decoction to be warm, with gauze wet compress or soak the penis into the liquid for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 per day Times.

3, surgical treatment of male phimosis treatment methods: phimosis and prepuce can be treated by circumcision.

Who is suitable for surgical treatment of phimosis?

1. Phimosis patients with a narrow fiber ring at the foreskin.

2, repeated attacks of the penis head Dermatitis Patient.

How to do phimosis How to care phimosis How to treat phimosis

3. After the school age, the foreskin is severely constricted, and the foreskin cannot be turned up to reveal the glans of the penis. After conservative treatment, the patient is invalid.

4. Manipulative reduction: Vaseline is applied to the coronal sulcus of the penis before the penis and the middle finger of the penis. The two narrow thumb behind the penis compress the squeezing lang stem head, slowly passing it through the narrow ring, while the middle fingers of the two hands index finger phase. The foreskin is inverted from the top of the penis and it is reset.

Phimosis care method

1, about 20 to 30 minutes of surgery, no hospitalization.

2. There will be slight pain and swelling in the postoperative wounds. Painkillers should be taken at regular intervals and be cured after about 7 to 10 days. A month later you can have a normal sex life.

3, before the wound healing, should be regularly reviewed for follow-up.

How to do phimosis How to care phimosis How to treat phimosis

4. Postoperative wounds should be kept clean and dry. Be careful not to wet the gauze when urinating.

5, the wound suture system uses absorbable sutures, so do not need stitches.

6. If there is a penile erection condition, please use one hand to protect the wound, one hand to pinch the pain and glans, so that the penis naturally subsided, so as not to break the wound.

7, if the wound swollen and bleeding, you can local cold pressure to stop bleeding; if serious bleeding, it should immediately return to hospital.

8, to prepare a few more underwear change (or buy disposable pants), because the tissue fluid will seep out of dirty underwear during recovery.

9. During the recovery period, it is best to move the “color” heart, otherwise the natural physiological response will make you suffer! After one month of surgery, the patient can resume sexual activity.

10. Carefully select qualified doctors for surgery because the quality of the doctor's technique will affect the appearance of the postoperative and recovery process. (Reference website: Feihua health network)

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