What are the phimosis? These are its 5 major symptoms

With the development of social economy, people’s living standards are continuously improving. disease I have more and more understanding. Foreskin phimosis is male Common diseases. The foreskin phimosis in life is familiar to many male friends. Foreskin phimosis is the foreskin that covers all the penis, but the foreskin can be turned over. The foreskin is a kind of male disease. The foreskin phimosis can bring great harm to the male body. , can lead to the occurrence of other male diseases, phimosis should be hurried treatment However, there are still many men who do not know what is the real phimosis. Let's take a closer look at it.

What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the hazards of phimosis?

Which symptom Is the most common phimosis?

1, fat foreskin phimosis, foreskin hypertrophy, causing urinary effort, urine thinning and bifurcation. For those with heavier preputial stenosis, the urine is filled with urine when it is urinating, and it is spherical and then discharges urine. Foreskin phimosis complications are lower urinary tract obstruction, upper urinary tract water, renal function damage, inguinal hernia, prolapse of the anus, penis prepuce, foreskin stones, local inflammation often stimulate can cause nocturia increased, the glans of the head and foreskin leukoplakia, Papilloma, condyloma acuminatum, etc. According to relevant data, 90% of penis cancer patients are related to foreskin phimosis.

2, or stick together, so that the development of the penis is limited, so the penis is short, the penis head deformation, or even a contraction of the hard and tough structure. Feeling of discomfort or pain during erection affects sexual function. If the prepuce and the urethral orifice are in exactly the same position, if the preputial stenosis is not severe, the urination does not affect, otherwise there is poor urination or difficulty in urinating.

3, the penis head can not be exposed. Under normal circumstances, male friends after the age of 18, adolescent development is basically over, and penis development has also been established. The male's glans will be affected by the retraction of the foreskin, and all exposed. If the glans of the penis cannot be completely exposed, it may be the symptom of the phimosis of the foreskin.

4, penis odor. Male foreskin phimosis affects the exclusion of smegma. Therefore, men's penis smuggles accumulated, emitting a burst of stench.

What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the hazards of phimosis?

5, inflammation. Foreskin phimosis will not be out of smegma, bacteria breeding, reproduction, and thus induce male balanitis.

What are the hazards of phimosis?

1. Prevent penis development and affect the harmony of sexual life

Phimosis will affect the growth and development of the penis, so that the development of the penis head is greatly constrained. Adults can affect normal sexual life because of the prepuce or phimosis.

2. Infection

Urinary deposits and urinary deposits accumulate in the foreskin and act as a bacterial culture agent, or cause irritation due to irritation, and lead to foreskin adhesions. In severe cases, it also causes infertility.

What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the symptoms of phimosis? What are the hazards of phimosis?

3, damage to kidney function

Due to infection, it can cause narrowing of the urethral orifice or anterior urethra, causing difficulty in urinating. Long-term urination difficulties, kidney function will be compromised.

4, there is a risk of cancer

Research shows that smegma is a carcinogen, according to statistics, 85% -95% of patients with penile cancer, there are phimosis or prepuce. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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