There are 7 major hazards in male phimosis

A lot of male Friends are suffering from phimosis. Phimosis causes many disadvantages symptom Such as psychological pressure, lack of energy and so on. Therefore, male friends should pay special attention to the phimosis foot. In particular, patients who have developed phimosis are required to have proper care. Phimosis is harmful to men. The following are the hazards of phimosis and the symptoms of phimosis?

What is the harm of male phimosis What is the danger of phimosis What are the symptoms of phimosis?

The hazard of phimosis

1, easy to cause a variety of inflammation

Although phimosis will not affect urination, but the foreskin can hide dirt, especially the foreskin can secrete a stinky white secretions, called smegma. The smegma stimulates the penis head long-term, especially the coronary sulcus Dermatitis And penis inflammation. Upside infection of bacteria in the foreskin cavity can also cause cystitis, pyelonephritis, and prostate Inflammation.

2, easy to induce penile cancer

The chronic stimulation of smegma is the cause of penile cancer. According to the survey, the majority of patients with penile cancer have phimosis.

3, easy to cause masturbation

The stimulation of smegma and dermatitis can easily cause masturbation.

4, easy to cause infertility

Prostatitis caused by smegma infection may affect semen in sperm The motility and the viscosity of semen can cause infertility.

What is the harm of male phimosis What is the danger of phimosis What are the symptoms of phimosis?

5, easy to cause incarceration phimosis

When the penis is erected, the foreskin cannot be turned over and the foreskin can not be turned over. The foreskin is stuck to the glans and forms incarcerated phimosis. At this time, the glans can cause edema due to poor blood flow. In severe cases, glans necrosis may occur.

6, easy to influence sexual life

Repeated inflammation of the foreskin can easily cause the glans to adhere to the foreskin and restrict the erection of the penis. Sexual pain This will not only result in inharmonious sexual life between husband and wife, but also lead to psychogenic Sexual dysfunction .

7, easy to affect women health

Because smegma contains a large amount of bacteria, sexual intercourse can invade the woman's vagina and cause infection. Long-term stimulation of smegma is also one of the factors that cause the woman to suffer from cervical cancer.

What is the harm of male phimosis What is the danger of phimosis What are the symptoms of phimosis?

What are the symptoms of phimosis?

Half bag type

Usually only half of the glans exposed, although the glans can be kept dry, but if the foreskin mouth is too narrow, the penis when the erection of the glans congested and swollen, can not pass through the narrow prepuce, so that excessive foreskin leading to pain.

All inclusive

The foreskin covers the entire head of the penis. It can be turned back to reveal the glans and the foreskin can be repositioned. This is a common condition. Patients often have no obvious feeling and neglect treatment. All-inclusive phimosis can easily lead to balanitis, urethral stomatitis, urethritis and other diseases.

Congenital adhesion type

The foreskin covers the whole head of the penis, and the skin on the inside of the foreskin sticks to the glans, which can seriously affect the sex life and must be peeled open by surgery.

Foreskin incarceration

Can barely turn the foreskin back, but because the foreskin is very tight, when the strong back flip will make the narrow foreskin card stuck on the glans can not be reset, and thus there will be severe, tearing pain, penis head congestion, edema Or even necrosis. (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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