Why does the penile itching treat?

The penis is male Private parts, if itchy, make men feel embarrassed, and they will sit still, and even seriously affect the life and work of men. Men's penile itching is likely to be genitourinary system infection disease Caused by the patient hospital an examination Check it out.

How to do penis itching What is the reason for penile itching How to treat penile itching

Penis itching how is it?

Acute superficial balanitis: non-infectious factors may cause itching of the penis, including localized trauma, friction, contraceptives, soap and detergents, etc., localized as edematous erythema, erosion, exudate or even bleeding, if secondary Bacterial infections can purulent and form ulcers. People with penile pruritus may have pain and inconvenience of movement.

Scrotum eczema : Mainly manifested as scrotum skin Flushing, swelling, or exudate with desquamation, due to severe itching, scrotal skin thickening, lichenification after scratching, etc., if not timely and effective treatment will cause serious consequences. Haze: There are special hook-shaped giant claws on the pubic pelvis. The skin attached to the pubic pubic hair area and the perianal area around the anus, and its bite and salivary toxin stimulation can cause local skin itching and folliculitis and eczema-like changes.

How to do penis itching What is the reason for penile itching How to treat penile itching

Men Pussy Patients with pruritus all want to end itching by washing or self-medication, but this not only does not change the itching symptom It will aggravate itchy conditions. In addition, pruritus in the genitals of the male is unrecoverable, and it is prone to other diseases of the genitourinary system.

Most male genital itching patients try to end itching by cleaning or self-administering medications. They do not know that not only can it not change the symptoms of pruritus, but in some cases it can aggravate itching. If the genital itching of the genitals is not cured for a long time, it may be complicated by other diseases of the genitourinary system.

How to do penis itching What is the reason for penile itching How to treat penile itching

How to do penis itching

There was a itch in the roots of the penis. The male friend must not excessively scratch his hands. Excessive scratching can lead to infections and inflammations in his genital organs. This can increase his own condition. Ointment to achieve a very good anti-inflammatory sterilization effect At the same time, we must do a good job of hygiene around our genital organs, take a regular bath, and pay attention to changing underwear frequently.

Many male friends' long-term sexual activity will also lead to their own contact with the source of infectious diseases, increasing their chances of itching the roots of the penis. They must be clean and tidy in everyday male friends. At the same time, this problem is also due to the emergence of scrotum eczema in men and it is necessary to seek professional doctors immediately from related hospitals. treatment . (Reference website: Family doctor online)

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