Prepuce can easily lead to cancer attack

The male Foreskin is too long may cause cancer, foreskin is a very common male problem, the so-called foreskin is able to flip out of the glans, but because the foreskin is too small, surrounded by the urethra caused by the mouth, let's look at the foreskin is too long for male patients The hazards.

What is the harm to the foreskin is too long How to judge the length of the foreskin Prepuce is too long to do surgery?

Prepuce hazard

1, there is the risk of cancer

Prepuce and phimosis have the potential to induce penile cancer. Modern scientific research shows that smegma is a carcinogen. According to the survey, 85% to 95% of penis cancer patients have phimosis or prepuce. Phimosis and prepuce are not only affecting one's own body health If you are in the same room as your wife, you will also bring smegma into your vagina to stimulate it. uterus Induced Cervical cancer .

2. Impede penis development and affect the harmony of sexual life

Phimosis will affect the growth and development of the penis, in the puberty period because the penis head is tightly wrapped by the foreskin, can not get outside the due stimulus, the development of the penis head is greatly constrained, resulting in the development of sexual organs mature after the crown of the penis crown The diameter is obviously small, affecting the pleasure. Adults can affect normal sexual life because of the prepuce or phimosis. In particular, the man with a small foreskin is not able to recover from the foreskin. The foreskin tightly clasps at the coronal sulcus and becomes incarcerated. It is not painful. In severe cases, the glans may suffer from edema due to poor blood flow, and may even cause glans necrosis.

3, inflammation of the penis

The foreskin is rich in sebaceous glands that secrete large amounts of sebum. When the phimosis or prepuce is too long, the secretion of the foreskin's endothelium can not be excreted, and the sebum in the sebum and urine is synthesized into a cheese-like stinky smegma. Smegma suitable for bacterial growth, it can cause inflammation of the penis head and foreskin. Pathogens can also cause urinary tract infections through the urethra. Inflammation occurs in the urethra, which can lead to narrow urethra after healing, causing difficulty in urinating.

What is the harm to the foreskin is too long How to judge the length of the foreskin Prepuce is too long to do surgery?

4, damage to kidney function

Due to inflammation of the penis, it can cause narrowing of the urethral orifice or anterior urethra, resulting in difficulty in urinating. Long-term urination difficulties, kidney function will be compromised.

How to determine if the male foreskin is too long

1. According to experts, men judge whether they have a prepuce or not, mainly because of the appearance of the glans. After the male reaches adulthood, all or most of the glans are exposed when the penis is weak. If the glans cannot be exposed, the foreskin still covers all or most of the glans, but the foreskin can be turned upside down or the erection can be turned over to reveal the glans. Call it a long foreskin.

2, male foreskin is too long and can be divided into true prepuce and false prepuce. If the true foreskin is too long, the penis cannot be fully exposed after the erection of the penis. When you want to reveal the glans, you will feel pain and it will be difficult to have sex. Pseudoprepuce is too long to mean that the glans cannot be completely exposed, but after the penis is erected, the glans can be fully exposed and sexually active. Most men have false prepuce.

The benefits of doing circumcision

Extended sex life

Foreskin surgery is beneficial to prevention Premature ejaculation The emergence of sex life thus extends. After the circumcision, the male glans are exposed and the genitals have long-term friction, which reduces the sensitivity and thus helps to prolong sexual life.

What is the harm to the foreskin is too long How to judge the length of the foreskin Prepuce is too long to do surgery?

Reduce the probability of penile cancer

After men undergo circumcision, the dirt in the foreskin can be cleaned and it is not easy to breed bacterial viruses, which reduces the probability of penis cancer. If the foreskin is too long, dirt in the foreskin will not be washed and bacteria and viruses will be easy to grow. If it continues, it will lead to cancer of the penis.

Avoid cross infection

If the male foreskin is too long, the foreskin dirt will increase, and the foreskin dirt will easily breed bacteria and viruses. If there is a couple’s sexual life, bacteria and viruses will spread through sexual life. female , resulting in infections in the female body, such as Leucorrhea abnormal , Pelvic inflammatory disease Wait disease .

Prevention of inflammation

Foreskin is too long to exclude the secretion of the foreskin's endothelium glands, in the long term, it is easy to form smegma, and there is a strange smell. Smegma is a place where bacteria and viruses can easily grow. It can easily cause men to have symptoms of inflammation of the penis head and foreskin. Foreskin surgery can prevent the appearance of this symptom. (Reference site: 39 Health Network)

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